Quick Dinner Fixins: Crescent Sandwich Roll-ups


Some days you just need a break from all the fancy meals and hard work. You just need something that will sooth the soul and make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside. You know, like on those days when your father arrives out of the blue in the front yard, boat in tow and tosses three giant live, flopping, breathing, fighting for their lives fish in the nearest cooler and drives away. I have never cleaned a fish. I have only seen it done once – over 10 years ago. They are flopping in the cooler. Flashbacks […]

Pesto Tortellini Gratin


  Who needs reality TV – if you could follow Handsome and I around on a mundane Tuesday night, you would never slump to the lows of the Jersey Shore ever again. I promise. See, we are a sippy cup kind of special. You won’t hear us having thought provoking conversation that would eventually lead to the cure for cancer. No sweet poems would pass our lips with candlelight and music filling the air. No long conversations about the duldrums of one’s job. Nope. You’d see him chasing me around the house with a spoon covered in macaroni  and have to put up with […]

Using up the Leftovers: Taco Mac and Cheese Steaks


If you didn’t like my ‘Manwich‘, hated those Bacon Caramel Brownies and aren’t really down with tossing around your leftovers on a late night to fill your belly, I suggest you just go ahead and skip this post. For the four of  you left reading, get ready to party hard with your inner fat kid. Some nights I work late and by the time I get home I’m starving. I know eating late isn’t good for you, so you should be more cautious of what you choose, but that all flies out the window at half past nine after a […]

Blackened Chicken Wraps


As much as I love sharing everything I cook with my readers, somethings are just meant to be family secrets. My step-moms barbecue sauce for one, a family tradition stored on a stained index card passed down to her. My dads deep dish apple pie, adapted from a newspaper clipping turned yellow with age and finessed with his years of experimentation. My super simple cheese dip that I get constant compliments on at parties and gatherings – some things I just can’t bring myself to share. Just like the perfect blackening seasoning we use for our blackened chicken. Yeah, that […]

Go big or go home: “Manwich” – Grilled Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork


#Manfoodweek and the last of my Father’s Day menu for the week is one of those go big or go home type of meals. It can be summed up in two words “fat kid-tacular” as stated and copyrighted by my boyfriend who when asked to help choose the pictures stated, “It doesn’t matter. They are all amazing.” For those of you who don’t know him, that says a lot – because he never ever tells me when he likes or dislikes a meal. Ever. Sometimes my mind wanders, especially when there is leftover mac and cheese in the fridge. My […]

Fluffernutter Wontons


Remember when I deep fried lasagna and peeps (and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on) when my friends gave me a deep fryer a few months back? Yeah, I’m not exactly over that joy yet. Now, remember the joy of a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich from your childhood? I didn’t, but a recipe I was making recently had me licking the spoon from a jar of fluff and there I was, 6 years old, play-dough in one hand Hi-C in the other while trying to not make a huge mess enjoying that special treat […]

Steak and Udon Stir-fry


New to Pass the Sushi? Don’t miss a moment of randomness! Follow on Facebook and Twitter. The beautiful thing about stir frys is (everything) they come together quickly, they are a great way to pack in those veggies and they are a knockout for the taste-buds. Why I don’t make stir-frys as a weekly regular in this house, I’ll never know because they are a dinner even the most novice chef can succeed at. Not to mention, Handsome’s eyes light up the moment the big heavy iron wok appears and I know he is going to eat more colorful vegetables […]

Sausage Kabobs to Kick Off the Summer Grill Season


It’s Memorial Day and that means its officially summer (well, not according to the calendar – but where I’m from its all the more pomp and circumstance then needed to mark the start of summer). The pools are open, the kids are biding their last few days in school and the extra propane tank is filled waiting for its moment in the spotlight. In my family, summer also marks the beginning of birthday season, so its one reason celebrate after another! To mark the joy of summer I am going to be featuring at least one recipe hot off the […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Bubble Up Pizza


New to Pass the Sushi? Don’t miss a moment of randomness! Follow on Facebook and Twitter. When you love to cook, it’s hard to remember that not every dish needs to be elegant, time consuming and complicated. Sometimes it’s about coming back to the basics – which is something I am guilty of. I like to put a nice meal on the table every night, so spending a few hours in the kitchen isn’t even something I blink at – but not everyone enjoys cooking the way I do (why you’d be reading a food blog and not enjoy cooking […]

Clean Out the Pantry Granola, a bake sale and the Graeter’s ice cream winner!


This Friday, May 13, Steph’s Bite by Bite is hosting a bake sale on Friday May 13th to raise money Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I can’t wait to participate in an online bake sale! I’ve never done anything like this before but it is the second time Steph has hosted a bake sale on her site. I’m donating Cranberry White-Chocolate Chip Cookies (one of my favorites). Tons of awesome bakers are involved, so get pumped! Steph’s last bake sale earned $1,707 – let’s see if we can up the ante for round two! Now on to breakfast week, day two! […]

Mother’s Day, My Mom and Chocolate Jimmy Sandwiches


Remember to enter to win 6 pints of Graeter’s Ice Cream through May 8th! Mother’s Day. I wasn’t sure how to cover this topic here on Pass the Sushi. My mother and I had an interesting dynamic and I always considered Mother’s Day one of the holidays I could skip over without much concern. However, as a food blogger, I knew the internet would be buzzing with Mother’s Day pies, tarts, brunches, lunches and the sort, so I figured I’d be missing out by not throwing my $0.02 in. I may of not had a typical mother figure in my […]

Hop into the Season with Me and My Robins Eggs Malted Milkshake


It’s normally not until after the holiday has passed before I look around my kitchen and realize that I have tons of themed candies that I didn’t use for the holiday at hand (maybe that’s because I don’t get pre-Valentine’s Day chocolate and the Easter bunny doesn’t show his cute little tail around here until Easter). I’m a squirrel so I’ll hold onto that darned candy as long as I can thinking that I will use it for the next go around – but we all know that’s not true. Come on, those peppermint kisses will never last until next […]

Gettin’ messy Smoked BBQ Ribs


I first learned about eating ribs when I was young. I am not sure how little I was but we were out at a nice restaurant and my daddy let me order whatever I wanted. I chose ribs. He gave me a questioning look and asked if that’s really what I wanted and it was. Before I knew it I was up to my elbows in stick to your ribs sauce and giving the environment a run for the money as I made my way through a mountain of paper towels. Now I know that ribs are the kind of […]

Getting Out to Grill: Simple Mesquite Smoked Chicken


What better to follow a post about eggs, but a chicken? A few weeks back Mother Nature teased us with a run of amazing weather. Beautifully sunny days topping in the mid 70’s, which for my neck of the woods is a gift that I don’t take without thanks. However, it has a down side – now I want to be outside all of the time and the feeling just hasn’t been mutual between the good old misses and I. I’m ready for grills, charcoal, propane, wood chips, fire pits, hanging outside with good company and a cold drink. Is […]

Simple Turkey and Brie Sandwich


“You don’t look like a food blogger.” I can’t be the only one who’s heard that oh, 10,000 times. I’m shocked by how many people say this to me on a day to day basis. So, just what does a food blogger look like? Are food blogger supposed to fit a type, because last time I checked, everyone liked to eat. I never realized how quickly people assume they know something about someone by the way they look. Are all kids who wear black emo? Is everyone with tattoos a punk? Do reiki masters only have one solitary interest in […]

Bringing back the Filet-O-Fish, Fried fish and Rosemary Potatoes


If you hadn’t noticed by the filet-o-fish being back on the menu at every local chain, it’s Lent. Now, I’m not Catholic (so not Catholic that my Catholic grandmother threw ‘holy water’ at my infant self calling my a ‘Pegan baby’. That’s right, I’ve been trouble since before I could talk. Whether that story is true or false I’ll never know, but my father was not Catholic and my mother from a very strict Catholic family so I can see it causing some problems). Even though I’m not Catholic, I know a lot of people use the season of Lent […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Curry Chicken Salad, oh, and I’m the devil


Today is all about building bridges. And getting over them. I’m not sure how to start today’s story so I apologize for any lacking continuity ahead of time. About a year ago I received a Facebook message from someone using the pseudonym of a comic book character (clever right, yeah, I know…). It turned out to be an ex-boyfriend seeking out forgiveness for his behavior. This next statement is going to sound harsh, but I really didn’t feel anything. No flaming anger, no relief, no gratefulness that he was suddenly aware of his previous behavior. Nothing. Heck,  I didn’t even […]

Strawberry Shortcakes for that Speed Dating Someone


Dont forget to enter to win my giveaway until midnight tonight!     It’s Valentine’s Day. A food bloggers dream. For food bloggers celebrating with someone or the ones throwing down just for their own awesomeness – it’s a day for food. Desserts being on the top of that list. I would like to say I made an amazing prime rib that is a perfect medium rare and with a great crust but in reality, I just got home from Texas. My inbox is overflowing and I am filled with inspiration for my store, my blog and my other projects. […]

Breaking the rules with Macaroni and Cheese


There are few rules in this house when it comes to food. Ok, let’s be honest – there are a ton of ‘requests’ that I pay no attention to (like no onions – really? No onions? Isn’t that part of the holy trinity of cooking? How could I possibly give up onions? My neon pink Virgin Mary would be horrified if she thought there would never be another onion in this house – it’s a sin!). But really, the BF is willing to try any of the things I put in front of him with minimal whining as long as […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Slow Cooked Steak Sandwiches


I love my slow cooker. Its ridiculous but I pine for it all summer long and use it far too often in the winter, because for some mystical reason the crock pot is off limits during the warmer months. Its perfect for getting out the door and having supper on the table and ready when you walk through the door (not to mention that awesome smell of delicious that fills your home). That is until your sitting at work for four hours not sure if you actually turned the crock-pot on or not. Go me. I know, the suspence is […]

Nutella & Peanut Butter Granola Bars 3.0


Am I the only one who has a sticky note collection of recipes I have got to try piling up on my desktop, a mile long favorites folder and a binder just for the recipes I’ve torn from the glossy pages of magazines? Probably not – but I have been promising Briarrose from Flour Dusted that I would try this granola for over a month! Way not cool. Excuses? It was December, there was a ton to do, I’ve been sick, it snowed? Do any of these redeem my laziness? I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter because […]

Hoisin Pork and Asian Slaw Egg Rolls


Sometimes it’s all about a good concept. I had seen several times before the idea of a BBQ egg roll and lately the idea of a hoisin pork had been running through my head. Hoisin pork teamed up with an Asian slaw. All wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and fried. Yeah, that idea has been tempting my pallet for a few weeks on the to do list. Hoisin Pork Asian Slaw Egg Rolls A little mix of me and some Emeril, Guy, and google. Hoisin Pork Ingredients: For the Pork: 1/2 cup hoisin sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce […]

Curried Turkey Pot Pie


Even though we had several people join in our Thanksgiving feast, it just wouldn’t be the same without leftovers. And despite everyone’s best efforts, there were plenty of leftovers. My parents sent us home with a giant plate of turkey, an entire pie and the trimmings. But, as much as I love a simple turkey sandwich on white bread, this much turkey needed to be used up before it went bad. I had seen a show the other day where the chef made a curried chicken pot pie and new that’s what I would be doing with my Thanksgiving day […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Artichoke Chicken Pasta


It was another late night dinner when Handsome got home from school at 10pm. I always feel bad because he doesn’t often get a lot to eat during the day and being a hard worker, I want to make sure he at least gets one good meal a day. Not to mention, he loves himself some artichoke (not sure I do). I have never really worked with artichoke, and the few times I’ve had it (canned) it seems bitter and a little grainy. So, with no real idea of whether or not this would work, I went town in the […]

Pork Black Pepper Stir Fry


My last trip to Trader Joe’s brought home several new jarred sauces that I have been really anxious to try. The ingredients on the back had me excited things were more healthy then other jarred options and the flavors on the labels seemed promising.Often, I’m not a fan of pre-made options (we all know homemade just tastes better) but some nights having shortcuts lined up in the pantry is just what you need – especially if you hide them next to the strong liquor. Inspired by a post that in hindsight looks nothing like what I have created here (really […]

Quick Dinner Fixins


With all the tasty baked goods on Pass the Sushi it’s hard to give the day to day dinners any of the limelight but I feel really strongly on solid family dinners and almost every night I try to have something on the table.   I grew up with family dinner – every night. It was nothing fancy (most nights just Shake and Bake) but it was a meat, starch and vegetable – the basics for any solid meal. I’m grateful for those dinners and not nights eating in front of the television. Now a days, not every meal I […]

Venison Sliders


I have a weird hobby (seriously, I work at a comic book store, I know weird hobby when I see it). I photograph my food. Now I like to think I am not obsessive or freakish about my hobby but I am 99% sure it freaks my boyfriend out, especially now that I have new lights. Nothing special, just some ‘daylight’ fluorescent bulbs in these metal tin looking things but they sure do light up a room. I’m not crazy, I swear, but the sun is setting way to early this time of year and getting lights was the only […]