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Personal Grilled Taco Pizzas

Today’s story has to be told, to get to tomorrows.

After bragging about how much I love my job last week, I feel it is only fare to try to explain to you what being a part of the Captain Blue Hen family can be like.

Some of you may be too young to remember a show called Cheers, so go wikipedia it. For the rest of you, you get exactly what I am saying. When you walk into our store, it is an extension of your living room. That level of comfort and friendship. We are the place everyone comes to to unwind, relax, vent, and joke around. We are much more then those big box book stores where you can’t find someone to help you. We know our product, and if you have been in more then twice, one of us probably knows your name.

I have watched children grow into young men, met babies on their way home from the hospital, been introduced to family pets, and now I can even add, invited to weddings. We have sat in silence with our customers when they have lost someone close, and celebrated their biggest moments with them. For some we give advice, for others we are just there to listen. And our customers often grant us the same courtesy. They will listen to us, laugh, and cry with our stories.

When we hand you your comics, we are inviting you into our conversations, into our home away from home. And hopefully, creating a comic shop you love to be in as much as we do.

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These awesome pizzas were inspired by D’Lorenzo’s Taco Pizza.  Ours were not nearly as good as the real deal – so head on down there and give it a try. Pure heaven.


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