Chocolate Goji Berry Granola bars packed with healthy fruit and nuts, held together with a splash of chocolate. I'm sure the calorie to heath ratio is a bit off, but so good. 

Chocolate Goji Berry Granola | Kita Roberts
Granola is simple. Stupid simple. And yet time after time, I find myself throwing various boxes into the shopping cart or pre-made bars packed with who knows what. I dig granola on the go. When we are out mountain biking it's a quick fuel option. And because I'm generally pretty lazy, I figure it makes a half decent breakfast.

Chocolate Goji Berry Granola Bars

I can't help but wonder, since - as I mentioned - it is so darned simple, why I don't make it more often. That is until I make it. Sure, granola is packed with healthy nuts and stuff, but once you add whatever's keeping it all together in and a splash of chocolate, I'm sure the calorie to heath ratio is a bit off. And when I do make it, it's shove in your face all day long worthy. Not the occasional 'bar on the go'.

And shove in my face I did.

These snack bars came to be when Brookside asked me to taste test some of their new flavors. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after first bite I kind of fell in love. There's more chocolate than fruit - shhh, don't tell mom - so it makes for a great texture when noshing on. Throwing it into the granola was the perfect splash of fruit and chocolate flavor it needed to spice things up.

Chocolate Goji Berry Granola | Kita Roberts

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Chewy Chocolate Goji Berry Granola Bars

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Author: Kita Roberts
2 hours 20 minutes
Serves: 6


  • 1 - 2 cups old fashioned rolled oats
  • ½ cup sunflower seeds
  • ½ cup sliced almonds
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • 2 cups rice cereal
  • ¼ cup flax seed
  • 1 ½ cups cookie butter - or any nut butter
  • 3 tbs agave
  • 3 tbs light corn syrup
  • 1 - 2 tbs honey
  • 1 bag chocolate covered Goji


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. 
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, and coconut in an even layer. 
  • Bake for 5-7 minutes, stirring halfway through, until lightly browned. Set aside and let cool for 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, line a 9x13" baking pan with aluminum foil. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl mix the cereal and flax seeds with the cooled oat mixture.
  • In a small saucepan, heat the cookie butter, agave, corn syrup, and honey until combined and smooth. 
  • Let cool for a few minutes. Pour over the oat mixture and (if safe to touch) get your hands in there and mix everything up. 
  • Add the chocolates and combine. 
  • Press into the prepared baking pan and let set for at least 2 hours before slicing. (If desired - top with a drizzle of chocolate).

Nutritional informations provided as a courtesy and is only an approximatation. Values will changes based on ingredients used.

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Chocolate Goji Granola | Kita Roberts

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    How cool are those berries. I love what you did with them too. We're big granola bar fans, though I have to admit that I do pick mine up at the grocery store instead of making them. Shame on me, I know. Since we're not dark chocolate fans, don't include me in the giveaway, ok? I just wanted to say hey.

  9. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie says:

    I need to make granola bars more often as well. I am also a victim of buying instead because I am just that lazy.

    I really enjoy that serving bowl for the chocolates. I'd most want to try the Açai with Blueberry

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    i dont know why i dont make them often..goji berry sounds delicious- i saw them at a store but havent tried it yet.

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  37. Jennie @themessybakerblog says:

    Mmm, these bars look delish. I'm a huge fan of granola and am always whipping up a batch for healthy snacking.

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  49. All of the flavors sound great but my first choice is the Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry. I grow raspberries in my yard, okay last year I got a small bowl full but its only been a year. I just hope they "take off" next season because I love'm in everything from cereal, ice cream, preserves, etc.
    Your granola bars look amazing, tasty and satisfying. I really want to win but you could sweeten the deal with a homemade. You might say that the recipe is there, I plan on trying it but it would be great to compare them with the original version.

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