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Pesto Tortellini Gratin

Pesto tortellini gratin is a warm, comforting meal, full of flavor!  Salty pancetta, pesto, and tortellini combine with a creamy white cheese sauce to be baked with a crispy Parmesan cheese topping.Pesto Tortellini Gratin \\

Who needs reality TV – if you could follow Handsome and I around on a mundane Tuesday night, you would never slump to the lows of the Jersey Shore ever again. I promise.

See, we are a sippy cup kind of special. You won’t hear us having thought provoking conversation that would eventually lead to the cure for cancer. No sweet poems would pass our lips with candlelight and music filling the air. No long conversations about the duldrums of one’s job.

Nope. You’d see him chasing me around the house with a spoon covered in macaroni  and have to put up with our 45 minute debate over the validity of the word ‘fishes’ backed by only the song from the commercial for Goldfish crackers. Yeah, we keep it classy in this house.

45 minutes, I kid you not, of “Fishes is not a word.” Followed by “But, I love fissshess cuz their soooo delicious.” Debated with “And how many fishes are in a pond?” Answered by more commercial jingles. ” Yes, we are the worlds most interesting couple.

Top that with pesto tortellini gratin, Mr. Dos Equis.

Pesto Tortellini Gratin \\

Pesto Tortellini Gratin \\


Oh, and because I have to be fair, ‘fishes’ is indeed a word. Google says so. A word I was thought to never use, but a word….


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