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These pie and tart recipes run the spectrum from simple to decadent.  Simple, to quite complex.  Have no fear, and dive right into my favorite sweet concoctions. No matter what, we promise you will be back for seconds.

Homemade Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie. Simple, smooth and perfect. There’s something about this simple southern pie that screams summer! Southern Style Banana Cream Pie With it’s simple graham cracker crust, vanilla custard, and layers of bananas, southern-style banana cream pies are just about as delicious as one bite can possibly get!  True story; I want to run …

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Puff Pastry Austrian Apple Strudel

Puff Pastry Austrian Apple Strudel is a quick copycat recipe that can easily be made at home with under 10 ingredients!  You know how people recall stories of baguettes from the street corners of artisanal markets of Paris as if they were life changing? Stories of fresh pasta in Italy and authentic wines in Spain …

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