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Chocolate Pecan Tart

Chocolate pecan tart is a dessert that looks and tastes fancy enough to serve for a special event or a holiday, but it’s so delicious and indulgent, you might want to eat it every night.

We spent New Years Eve playing the Nintendo Wii with friends at our house and let me just say, we need a Wii. I don’t want to buy a billion games or waste hours playing anything new, but on nights when Handsome and I both have no clue what to do, the Wii would be a perfect solution. Ping pong an bowling, here I come. We were so involved in 100 pin bowling we didn’t even notice that the clock struck midnight and we missed the ball drop (giggle).

It even comes in red now. Doesn’t that seem perfect for me?

So, why can’t we have one? Because Handsome is a sore winner. He could beat a kid at tic-tac-toe and still want to run a victory lap around the block announcing his achievement to the world. Yeah, that kind of sore winner. And its a little cold out this time of year for victory laps, so there goes that dream.

Oh well, on to the chocolate pecan tart dessert recipe.

Chocolate Pecan Tart Recipe \\


Chocolate Pecan Tart Recipe \\

Chocolate Pecan Tart Recipe \\

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