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Skillet Lasagna {Quick Dinner Fixins}

Skillet lasagna is a quick, easy weeknight meal that comes together in just 30 minutes. The pan is full of fresh vegetables and three types of cheese, but if you know me, you know that I added meat to my skillet, too!

Today was one of those days when you have to wonder what the heck is wrong with people.

I witnessed a car accident.

It was minor, but I figured I’d pull over and leave my number if the police needed another witness. Well, I was thanked for stopping by being told by the people in the car who hit the other I would be punched in the face if I didn’t leave. Wow, really? You failed to yield at a yield sign, nail a person, and have the audacity to sit there and scream at them?

The man who was hit handled their screaming and drama rather well, took my number and I left to go to work. The police called later to ask what happened and said my statement sounded pretty much like what things looked like. That poor man. No one likes being in a car accident, let alone a car accident and extra drama.

What’s with people these days?

Meaty Skillet Lasagna Recipe \\

OK, let’s move on to this skillet lasagna recipe.

Comfort food like this usually makes things a little bit better.

I add a layer of a cooked sweet sausage/ground beef mixture to this recipe and double the ricotta and spinach. This makes a quick and delicious dinner that comes together quickly and doesn’t dirty many dishes.

Hope you enjoy!

Meaty Skillet Lasagna Recipe \\

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