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Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie

Are you looking for the perfect pie to complement your holiday decor? But really just want some chocolate?  Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie.  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie | Kita Roberts

A few weeks ago I noticed this young unencumbered couple was spending far too many nights and far too much hard earned moolah away from our own dinner table and out on the town. Now, this girl loves a good restaurant as much as any food loving fat kid, but I am also the stingiest little Ebeneezer you will meet this side of Dickens. I decided it was time to go back to my frugal ways. Time to pinch those purse strings and stop being so frivolous.

I told myself no going out for two weeks (one night we knew we had an event we had to go to, but other then that – no going out!)… I made it like 4 days. After Handsome had to remind me brunch counted as eating out the morning after I declared I strike from indulgence… But, in 4 days, I was reminded that home cooked meals are the way to go. So, I’m going to try again, and try to get back to my roots and cooking more home made goodness.

As I start considering those pesky 2014 resolutions, I know cooking more (go figure, from the food blogger) is a big one. What about you, guilty of one too many pizza nights? If you are good at staying on track and cooking in a lot, how do you plan and organize meals on busy weeknights?

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Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie | Kita Roberts

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Looking for a cake that will look beautiful alongside your raspberry pie?  This one is perfect.

Cranberry Vanilla Bean Cake

Yield: 12

Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie

Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie | Kita Roberts
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 25 minutes


  • 1 recipe for a Single-Crust Pie
  • 18 oz mascarpone cheese
  • 6 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp raspberry liqueur
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 2 cups fresh raspberries
  • 1/3 cup seedless raspberry jam, melted in microwave and cooled slightly


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. 
  2. Roll out the prepared pie crust and place gently into a 9" pie plate. Press into the plate and trim as needed around the edges. Prick the bottom and sides of the crust with a fork. 
  3. Cover with heavy aluminum foil (two layers if needed) and bake for 8 minutes. 
  4. Remove foil and bake 6 to 8 minutes longer, until golden brown. Set aside to cool.
  5. While the pie crust cools, combine the mascarpone cheese in a large saucepan with the chocolate and powdered sugar. Cook, stirring, over medium-low heat until melted and smooth. 
  6. Off heat, stir in the raspberry liqueur. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  7. In the bowl of your stand mixer, beat the whipping cream with the whisk attachment over medium speed until soft peaks form. 
  8. Gently stir half of the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture until combined. 
  9. Fold in the remaining whipped cream until no white streaks remain. Spread evenly into the prepared pie crust. 
  10. Cover and chill for at least 3 hours to set.
  11. Before serving, toss the fresh raspberries in a bowl with the melted and cooled jam (I did this working in batches as I found the jam to get too thick too quickly). 
  12. Spoon the jam coated raspberries over the top for a rustic look or arrange them in a single layer – either way will have your guests oohing and aahing.
  13. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and serve with whipped cream.

Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie | Kita Roberts


Wednesday 14th of May 2014

it looks wonderful!


Tuesday 17th of December 2013

So pretty! This is one gorgeous dessert!


Sunday 15th of December 2013

If by "planning" meals you mean buying milk to pour over cereal (for dinner), then yes, I am quite organized. :D This pie is fierce!! I'm ready to go at it with a fork!

Kate | Food Babbles

Sunday 15th of December 2013

This pie looks SO insanely good!! I seriously need this in my life and cannot wait to make it. Yowza!


Friday 13th of December 2013

That's the prettiest pie I've ever seen!

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