Waffle Pizzas and Celebrating My 200th Decline


Two years of ‘blogging’, 532 posts, and today we are classic up the joint with these waffle pizzas and celebrating my 200th decline from Foodgawker! Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie and others are sites worth drooling over if you are looking for inspiration or just looking. They update a large selection of new recipe posts daily linking back to original recipes from bloggers like myself. Needless to say, I felt that 200 declined posts was a pretty monumental event in my food blogging career. Grab your party hats and kazoos so we can get party started. Recently Declined:     Now, I am […]

Cookie dough and Oreo Truffles


I believe cookie dough makes a great treat. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some fresh out of the oven warm ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie goodness. Every now and then though, a spoon full of cookie dough is where it’s at. When I was little my mom would give us spoonfuls of the stuff as a treat (same woman who served us chocolate jimmy sandwiches too), and once in high school an entire roll of cookie dough was split into thirds and eaten as an afternoon snack – in one sitting. I know there’s raw egg in it and […]

Red Velvet Indulgence


I’ve often read when one is down, to bake something to get your mind off it (and pig out on later). I often find myself cooking no matter what’s on my mind but I have never indulged in a food when I am down. Actually, I tend to eat a lot less. However, this one breaks the mold. The next time I am down on my luck – I am making this – and I am pigging the heck out! Originally, this recipe was intended for Saturday nights party, but it never made it to the table with everything else […]

I believe in Santa Claus and a No Fuss Fudge


The other day my co-worker asked my boss and I when is the right time to explain the ‘truth’ about Santa to his little boy. His son is getting to that age where some kids know, and others don’t, but he doesn’t want his son to be picked on or bullied in school for still believing in Santa. When he asked, my boss and I in a rare moment of agreement, said “you don’t”. We don’t want my co-workers kid to be picked on or anything, but who says when the right time is? I am in my 20’s and […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Prosciutto Panini


It’s another quick dinner fixins post because its 11:18PM as I type this and it’s the first time I’ve sat down for what seems like all day. Those 4inch heels weren’t such a great idea after all today. It’s the holiday season and I work retail – Handsome is frantically trying to raise his grade in class by one point and did I mention, we’re having a holiday party on Saturday? You guys are coming over to help clean right?   The tree did finally make its way to the stand tonight but it has to make itself cozy before […]

Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies


Two weeks ago, I scoffed at the ads for “last minute shoppers,” but here it is December 15th and I am feeling the holiday crunch. Its that time of year though. Toys are being purchased and Walmarts across the nation are picked barren of any cheap decorations. Ovens are heating up across the country to get the holiday goodies ready. Warm, delicious treats to be tested all month long to figure out which one is just right to put on the plate for Santa. And when your knee deep in the middle of it all – your father calls – […]

Chocolate & Candy Cane Marshmallows


Put on your pearls, lace up those apron strings and get ready to play little Suzie Homemaker, because you won’t be spending much time in the kitchen for this one and everyone will adore you for how thoughtful you are for making these charming little marshmallows. What cup of cocoa isn’t better with marshmallows? These little numbers do their job of melting into your beverage with glee. Seasonably fashionable, simple and adorable – what’s not to love? Hosting this season? These marshmallows make a great party favor. They are also a great little gift for teachers or co-workers.   Chocolate […]

Crusty Italian Bread


Nothing beats warm fresh bread. Ask Handsome, he can demolish any loaf put in front of him in minutes. Whether it be slathered in jam, coated in butter or plain – fresh warm bread is something that really can’t be beat. Who would have though something so normal would still be able to impress us so much? It’s only been a staple in our diets forever. And here I am, not alone according to google reader, fearful of working with yeas. Its apparently mystifying powers to recreate itself and create rising doughs still intimidates me (insert Alton Brown’s yeast sock […]

Hoisin Pork and Asian Slaw Egg Rolls


Sometimes it’s all about a good concept. I had seen several times before the idea of a BBQ egg roll and lately the idea of a hoisin pork had been running through my head. Hoisin pork teamed up with an Asian slaw. All wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and fried. Yeah, that idea has been tempting my pallet for a few weeks on the to do list. Hoisin Pork Asian Slaw Egg Rolls A little mix of me and some Emeril, Guy, and google. Hoisin Pork Ingredients: For the Pork: 1/2 cup hoisin sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce […]

Potato Latkes for Hanukkah


Last night we made latkes for Hanukkah. We aren’t Jewish but it’s always fun to try new things, especially things involving traditions. Besides, if I only stuck to my roots I would be stuck with bangers and mash and I know that would get old quick. These were yummy, came together quickly and Handsome totally had the right idea about using them again for breakfast. Our 2 large potatoes made about 12 latkes, so there were plenty of leftovers. Potato Latkes From 5 Star Foodie Ingredients: 2 large potatoes 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1/4 cup chopped onion 2 […]

Pasta Bolognese


The following statement will show you just how screwed up I am, but, I love me some telemarketers. I thoroughly enjoy screwing with them. I know, I am not a good person. My parents used to get a certain news paper calling their house 6 or 7 times a week wanting them to subscribe to their paper. Apparently, their general disinterest did not stop the telemarketers from trying though. Finally I’d had enough and answered the phone in my best child like voice. The telemarketer asked to speak to my mommy or daddy to which I relied, “Mommy hasn’t been […]

Curried Turkey Pot Pie


Even though we had several people join in our Thanksgiving feast, it just wouldn’t be the same without leftovers. And despite everyone’s best efforts, there were plenty of leftovers. My parents sent us home with a giant plate of turkey, an entire pie and the trimmings. But, as much as I love a simple turkey sandwich on white bread, this much turkey needed to be used up before it went bad. I had seen a show the other day where the chef made a curried chicken pot pie and new that’s what I would be doing with my Thanksgiving day […]

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


Thanksgiving is over (everyone survived) and the countdown to Christmas is beginning while I start running around like a chicken with my head chopped off. I have a full month of holiday events ahead of me (who doesn’t?). If I seem scattered in posting through the month of December it may have something to do with this, or the copious amounts of alcohol that always seemed to get purchased this time of year. Today I started digging out the holiday decorations and actually did a little shopping (that’s right – Black Friday shopping). It wasn’t as exciting as I thought […]

Happy Thanksgiving — Golden Brown Butter and Pecan Praline Tart


I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Ours will be spent with close family around a mountain of good food and laughter (that is if Handsome and his father don’t kill each other).   Golden Brown Butter and Pecan Praline Tart from Bon Appetit November 2010 Ingredients: For the crust 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter 1 1/4 cups unbleached all purpose flour 1/4 cup (packed) golden brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt For the filling 1 large egg 1/2 cup (packed) golden brown sugar 1/2 cup golden syrup (such as Lyle’s Golden Syrup) 1/4 cup heavy whipping […]

Not Your Same Old Green Bean Casserole


My family is one of those traditional ones as far as Thanksgiving goes. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. I got a look as though I was questioning the existence of Santa when I suggested a cranberry sage stuffing as opposed to our very traditional (normal) stuffing. However, for fear of be voted out of the kitchen, I am bringing a new green bean casserole to Thanksgiving this year. I wasn’t asked to, and am risking exile to the porch with my new casserole – but I’m bringing it – because it’s that good.     Fresh crunchy green beans in a […]

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes


It’s November and time is flying by to ring in the end of the year. My holiday haters can dance with their hands over their eyes cringing at the ads for gifts and complaining about the holiday music – but to me its heaven. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to shop as today when I stepped into a Bath and Body Works to be greeted by Harry Connick Jr. singing Christmas carols and the world smelling of cookies and evergreens. Yeah, they got a few pennies out of my pocket, and the best part is, none […]

Red Velvet Chip Cookies


This post is an ode to red. I have a love for the color red that is about as annoying as those girls that draw hearts instead of dots over their I’s. If there is a color option for red you can pretty much assume I own it. So, the other day when picking colors for the kitchen, no one was surprised when “Country Door” (a dark shade of red) was chosen, except for me. The color swatch is a dark red, with a brown hue. A color I would put in the rustic burgundy category if there were one – […]

Falafel, see I don’t hate hippies.


I work next to a natural foods co-op and I’m pretty sure 90% of the staff is scared of me (and they should be, grrr). But, let’s get something straight right now, I don’t hate hippies. I actually rather enjoy the idea of buying local and healthy. What I don’t like are the people bringing down the overall healthy local ‘ideal’. Growing up, I thought ‘hippy’ meant a mellow person of the 60s or 70s with long hair and a chill attitude who was way into tie dye. I now believe it means person who drives expensive car, will park […]

Chocolate Tart


  Whats with the new trend of mean holiday commercials? Ones where you are being told you bought a horrible gift or being spiteful to your mother in law (“He drinks coffee now, Mom“). Is it really easier to sell then happy cozy ads? Don’t get me wrong, I get that most families are really like that, but showing me the worst in people doesn’t really make me want to get up and jingle my booty into your store. We have 40something days to go until Christmas, why start bringing out the nasty now? I’ll stick with the same old […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Honey and Spice-Glazed Pork Chops


I often don’t get off of work until 8, meaning dinner may not hit the table until 9 or later, so thin cut pork chops are my go to for nights when I want something good. I love pork chops. They often look and feel fancy and yet are really quick and easy to prepare, not to mention, packed with flavor (as long as you don’t treat them like your great aunt Edna used to, cooked beyond recognition).   Honey and Spice-Glazed Pork Chops Ingredients: 1/4  cup  honey 2  tablespoons  Dijon mustard 1/2  teaspoon  ground ginger 1/4  teaspoon  ground cinnamon […]

Fall Back with Peanut Butter Banana Cookies


2 years ago, Handsome and I were just getting to know one another, still in the stage where you stay up till 4 am talking. The night the clocks feel back was no different, and he left around 5AM so we could both get some sleep as I had to work that day. There I was, young and in love, working the day away at the shop. The day passed and I anxiously closed the store and was ready for another night long chatter session with the man. As I was driving home, my phone rang. It was my boss. […]

Pork Black Pepper Stir Fry


My last trip to Trader Joe’s brought home several new jarred sauces that I have been really anxious to try. The ingredients on the back had me excited things were more healthy then other jarred options and the flavors on the labels seemed promising.Often, I’m not a fan of pre-made options (we all know homemade just tastes better) but some nights having shortcuts lined up in the pantry is just what you need – especially if you hide them next to the strong liquor. Inspired by a post that in hindsight looks nothing like what I have created here (really […]

Quick Dinner Fixins


With all the tasty baked goods on Pass the Sushi it’s hard to give the day to day dinners any of the limelight but I feel really strongly on solid family dinners and almost every night I try to have something on the table.   I grew up with family dinner – every night. It was nothing fancy (most nights just Shake and Bake) but it was a meat, starch and vegetable – the basics for any solid meal. I’m grateful for those dinners and not nights eating in front of the television. Now a days, not every meal I […]

Pancake Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Candied Bacon


I am not big on breakfast foods. I really don’t like to eat before noon for some reason and, if I do eat breakfast, I want something like steak. Most breakfast foods to me are very sweet and sugary and pretty much send my palate into overdrive first thing in the morning. However, after seeing the words “Candied Bacon” in Bon Appetit the other day, the first thing that came to mind was breakfast goodies – and cupcakes.   Seriously, candied bacon sprinkles? Yes, please. The final product, pancake cupcakes with maple frosting and candied bacon on top. After a […]

Spaghetti alla carbonara


I love trying new things. In the past 11 months I have discovered a world of new ingredients and flavors that I would have never otherwise known had I not challenged myself with this blog and to try two new recipes a week. However, when dealing with new things you aren’t always certain of how things are supposed to look, taste or turn out. Every now and then I like to call in a friend for advice, technique and even to prepare the whole meal as I sit back and feel like a lazy bum.   Spaghetti alla carbonara From […]

So maybe your stepdad is a zombie — Happy Halloween


I am the queen at saying things that make you want to chew on your toes. Queen. If the position for emperor is open, I am certainly in the candidacy soon to be running for overlord. With this little tidbit of knowledge in mind I’m going to share a story.   The other night I was at a friends house and his roommate was keeping watch over our attempt to repair my sewing machine with his hot tea in hand. The roommate stood silently for a while while my friend and I carried on around him. Finally he spoke, “So, […]

Muffins and Donuts


The kitchen is a mess right now and it’s driving me crazy. It’s a total If You Give a Mouse a Cookie situation. All that’s really being done is new paint, but new paint means drywall work – new drywall compound and sanding. Lots of it. So, my entire kitchen (which is also my sewing area) is all pushed the middle of the room. To get a new color thread out I have to wiggle chairs and move piles of cookbooks. I just keep telling myself it will look rather spiffy when it’s all said and done…. If it is […]