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Cookie Dough Truffles and Oreo Truffles Recipe

Cookie Dough Truffles and Oreo Truffles Recipe \\ PassTheSushi.comTruffles recipe creation starts with a good filling. I believe cookie dough makes a great treat filling.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some fresh out of the oven warm ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie goodness. Every now and then though, a spoon full of unbaked cookie dough is where it’s at.

When I was little my mom would give us spoonfuls of the stuff as a treat (same woman who served us chocolate jimmy sandwiches too), and once in high school, an entire roll of cookie dough was split into thirds and eaten as an afternoon snack – in one sitting. I know there’s raw egg in it and that it’s not the safest treat in the world, but if that’s the most I walk the line, I’ll take my chances from time to time.

That’s right, I’m wild and crazy.

But really, cookie dough is a guilty indulgence that brings out the childhood deviant so the moment I saw a truffles recipe with cookie dough in it on the interwebs, I knew I had to try it. Just for variety, I paired them with an Oreo truffles recipe I had previously tested out, and they were a hit.





Cookie Dough Truffles and Oreo Truffles Recipe \\


I used a small scoop to portion each truffle before rolling them into balls. I also dipped the Oreo truffles into melted white almond bark so that people would know there were two different kinds.

Cookie Dough Truffles and Oreo Truffles Recipe \\ PassTheSushi.comRemember to check in Friday for Justin’s Top Chew review and have a safe and happy holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Update: This truffles recipe post made it to FoodBuzz Top 9!


Sunday 2nd of January 2011

Wow! These look amazing and sound delicious!


Monday 27th of December 2010

Truffles....made of win!

Tiffany @ Conor & Bella

Friday 24th of December 2010

Cookie dough truffles are definitely on my to-make list. They look so good!!


Thursday 23rd of December 2010

Kita, they look amazing. Well done :)


Thursday 23rd of December 2010

These look so good.