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Honey-Glazed Pork Chops

Honey-glazed pork chops start with boneless center-cut pork. It’s brushed with a spiced honey glaze and oven baked until tender.

Honey-Glazed Pork Chops Recipe \\


I often don’t get off of work until 8, meaning dinner may not hit the table until 9 or later, so thin cut pork chops are my go-to for nights when I want something quick but comforting to eat.

I love pork chops, especially glazed pork chops. They often look and feel fancy, yet are really quick and easy to prepare, not to mention, packed with flavor. As long as you don’t treat them like your great aunt Edna used to, and cook them beyond recognition.

There are a lot of different cooking options for pork. Grilled, stir fried, and slow cooked are all delicious and easy ways, but if you want to glaze them, like I did with these honey-glazed pork chops, your best bet is to bake them in the oven.


Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what part of the pig your pork is coming from, check out this cool diagram!


Seriously, these honey-glazed pork chops were that easy to make, people! We ate this with Handsome’s weekly request of mac and cheese for a down home, stick to your ribs late night meal.


Tuesday 16th of November 2010

I made this or something very similar to this a while ago... and everyone LOVED it!! Great recipe, Thanx :))


Thursday 11th of November 2010

I am always looking for a new pork chop recipe and this one sounds like a keeper!


Thursday 11th of November 2010

Nice spice mix.


Wednesday 10th of November 2010

I always love your recipes and in case you haven't seen I gave you a Loveliest Blog Award at

Kimba's Kitchen

Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Yeah I don't normally get home until late too.. so it's always good to find a really easy, tasty weeknight recipe :)