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Pan-Fried Falafel

Pan-fried falafel is a meatless, healthy appetizer or snack made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans). They’re seasoned up, rolled in breadcrumbs, and pan-fried until they’re crispy and golden brown.

I work next to a natural foods co-op and I’m pretty sure 90% of the staff is scared of me (and they should be, grrr). But, let’s get something straight right now, I don’t hate hippies.

I actually rather enjoy the idea of buying local and healthy. What I don’t like are the people bringing down the overall healthy local ‘ideal’. Growing up, I thought ‘hippie’ meant a mellow person of the 60’s or 70’s with long hair and a chill attitude who was way into tie dye.

I now believe it means a person who drives an expensive car, will park like a jackass, and leave their expensive vehicle running while they purchase a cup of organic coffee. Once again, I don’t hate hippies. I’m not judging an entire type of living because of a few people. I just get to see a lot of a few quite often.

Pan-Fried Falafel Recipe \\

So here’s my first meatless, rather natural, almost vegan, sure-I-could-make-it-gluten-free recipe, as a peace offering.

No, you can’t have the Snicker’s cupcakes, they are for my uncle only.

Totally useful tip!

I used a small ice cream scoop to portion out the falafel into balls and drop them into the oil.

I fried one minute on each side because I like my falafel a little more on the crisp side.

Pan-Fried Falafel Recipe \\

I munched on this in a pita pocket with spinach and hummus (couldn’t find/wasn’t making tahini sauce) while fancying myself a falafel street vendor. It was rather good. Now that I know how simple pan-fried falafel is to make, I will be making it again and tweaking the recipe some more. I really think more fresh herbs could really take this to another level.

Part Time House Wife

Tuesday 15th of May 2012

Yummmmmmm! I'm making this one too!


Tuesday 16th of November 2010

I love falafel and hippies!


Tuesday 16th of November 2010

I love falafel. But the my previous tries at making it were a terrible disaster. These look mouth-watering!! Hippies aren't all that bad. They save water by not showering (just kidding).


Monday 15th of November 2010

(The reply link didn't work for me, so I'm posting this as a new comment)

The recipe I use is from an Israeli friend (Egyptians, Lebanese, and other Mid-Easterners may have other versions, but the basic method and main ingredients are pretty much the same).


1-lb dry chick peas or a combination of dry chick peas and dry broad (fava beans) 1 Big onion finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1-1/2 bunches of flat leaf parsley, finely chopped 1/2 bunch of cilantro, finely chopped Salt Pepper Cumin

Directions: 1. Soak chick peas in cold water (in the fridge, if possible) for 24-36 hours, changing water once

2. Grind the soaked chick peas, not too finely, by pulsing in a food processor. 3. Add remaining ingredients to the food processor and pulse until you get a uniform mixture 4. Store in refrigerator for several hours, preferably overnight 5. Form into 1-inch balls and deep fry.

Notes: The beans are the main ingredient of falafel, and all the other ingredients can be modified to taste. Feel free to add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper if you like spice. Some people like a brown falafel (little to no greens); others like a very green falafel. Also, some prefer more or ONLY cilantro, as opposed to the parsley-heavy ratio of this version. It's all up to you.

Also, after processing the beans with the remainder of the ingredients, test a small amount in a little sautee pan, just as you would do for meatballs. The mixture will likely fall apart, but you'll know if you've seasoned properly. Allowing the falafel mixture to rest in the refrigerator is crucial; otherwise, your falafel will fall apart in the oil.

Enjoy your falafel with tahini (process tahini paste and water until you get a soupy consistency. Add lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley to taste.) and "Israeli" salad (tomato, cukes, red onion, parsley, with lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper).

Good luck!


Monday 15th of November 2010

Awesome! Thank you. It looks like a really simple recipe as well. I will put this on the things to try list and write about it soon. I promise! :)


Monday 15th of November 2010

Hey!! These really look cute:))

Greets from BFC!!!