Noshing Local: High Cotton, Greenville SC

There’s a quaint little restaurant sitting South Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina that has a lovely view of the river rolling through the center of town as you sit and dine. It’s a quiet sort of place with infused cocktails and a stellar menu that highlights simple dishes with amazing flavor. Whether for a simple date night or for a fun couples night out, High Cotton is an establishment, among many, that you have got to try while visiting Greenville. While there, we enjoyed a fun appetizer of Mystery Peppers, where you aren’t sure how much heat the next bite will […]

Seattle Food Tour & Boozy Sweet Potato Pie Milkshake

And a Seattle Weekend Recap A few months back Peabody, Erin and I tossed out the idea of a weekend get together, and since I am all about random acts of awesome lately, we made it happen. So, what happens when you put 3 totally hot food bloggers with only one man and a puppy in a mecca of organic seasonal and fresh food? We sit in our PJs and watch Magic Mike and Bad Words til all hours of the morning. Duh. And eat… a lot. Seriously, we were on a mission to pack as much food into 2 days as […]

Breakfast at Blue Surf Cafe | Wilmington, North Carolina

Every trip is spent with much patience as I search for non-traditional places to park and stretch our legs. Which means, we spend more time driving. But that’s ok, because that’s when we find unexpected places like this breakfast nook in Wilmington, North Carolina. We stopped into the Blue Surf Cafe not really knowing what to expect. Breakfast and lunch options are written on a chalkboard above a counter where you order. They read mighty nice, too. Everything sounds appetizing with a ‘Build Your Own’ breakfast,  where you can pick from options like pulled pork and black beans, to feta […]

Noshing Local: White Dog Cafe, Wayne PA

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Sunday’s are long lazy days, when they can be. This was one of those days. We took our time on the quest for adventure, heading up to Wayne PA, where we stopped at a classy joint called the White Dog Cafe. They embrace it. Dog themed art covered the walls, charming tiny tables arranged across the dining areas, and aged armours tucked in corners hiding glasses and computer systems. Baubles and trinkets were placed in every nook and cranny to create a lived in environment without making things look crowded or overdone. We started outside and our waiter was fantastic. He […]

Looking for new foodies to follow? Look no further!


Some of the best friends you meet can be miles away, and that doesn’t matter. Today I am breaking from the norm to introduce you to some new foodie friends. Join us on this culinary tour and let me introduce you to my foodies to follow.  The other day my friend, Christiane of The Mom Chef, linked to me in an online blog tour where you introduce your readers to three kick booty new blogs. It’s like a chain letter of foodie awesome. Today, I am continueing on the trend and sending you some new mouth watering fun food bloggers that […]

Noshing Local: Sweet Cowolines Elkton MD

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Down a stretch of 213 in Maryland sits an abandoned golf course. The once pristine greens sit overgrown with grasses and the water holes have become a stunning trap as they hide beneath the growth just peeking out every so often to remind you not to venture too far. On the corner there is a gas station, one that makes the best fried egg sandwich you could ask for with a trusty mechanic, and across from it there is a restaurant I have never been in. It looks like one of those mom and pop places where friends could gather on Saturday morning… […]

River Marsh GastroPub at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Review

The Gastropub at Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay | Photo by

  We laughed a lot, we ate well, and most of all, we relaxed for a moment in this busy summer… Recently, we had the pleasure of driving down to the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort. Located just off of route 50 in Maryland, on the Eastern Shore, this is the perfect place to escape from the busy day-to day. The resort itself is sprawling, with a lovely golf course, beach front accommodations and activities, restaurants, and spa. Even though it’s -extremely easy to get to, it’s somehow tucked in and away from the busy roads and near by traffic, so as […]

Noshing Local: Woodside Creamery Hockessin, DE

Woodside Farm Creamery Hockessin DE

To say that we packed a lot of living into this weekend would be putting things lightly. I always feel like there’s more Handsome and I should be doing. Bigger adventures, things to be seen, places to go. Well, for one, we did not go to the Cecil County Fair. And that makes me kind of sad… But then I realize we went to Cambridge, Annapolis, Downingtown, and Media, worked, road, ran, snapped photos, and dined very very well. We laughed, enjoyed the company of good friends, played with the dogs, and even caught a few moments of Casino Royale […]

Noshing Local: UD Creamery Newark Delaware

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It’s full on into the dog days with the humidity rising and my schedule filling up. But you know what I can always make time for? A scoop or two of perfect creamy ice cream. I haven’t shared a Noshing Local post with you guys in a long time, and since it’s summer, I am hoping to do a full on series of fun local ice cream shops. Noshing Local, Ice Cream Tour… Yeah< I could get into that Our first stop, the UD Creamy in Newark Delaware. Can you believe in all my years here, it was my first […]

Berry Tart with Lemon Cookie Crust

12 Hours of Cranky Monkey This next post is about bikes. If you are just here for the tart, scroll down. If you never try anything new, you will never know how fun it can really be. I didn’t imagine myself a mountain biker. I never even considered it. But somewhere back on a hot summer day watching my first mountain bike race a few years ago I apparently drank some Kool-Aid. A whole lot of it. I met some amazing people, made some amazing friends, watched some crazy races, taken some awesome photos, even finished a race or two. I’ve […]

Treatsie – Artisan Sweets Gift Box #Giveaway


You know all those amazing boxes you can have sent to your home (or given as a gift) these days? Well, Treatsie is one you have got to give a try! There delicious box of sweet treats was amazing (those lemon cookies were downright dangerous)! Perfectly packed in an adorable branded box, my Treatsie package came with cookies, chocolates and more! It was a wonderful surprise to find waiting for me when I got home from a long day at work. I was sold immediately and think that these artisanal sweets boxes are going to make some fantastic birthday gifts, […]

Tiramisu and a Ledges Hotel Ski Weekend Review

Tiramisu \

As we bumped along in our truck down narrow icy roads, I looked across the seat to my driver and said, “Maybe this is it for us.” Maybe we don’t need the big house, the fancy cars. Maybe it’s just us, the bikes, good food, great friends, and some adventures here and there. Heck, that’s a lot better than my parents had it. And it’s perfect for us as we found ourselves knee deep in snow storms, skiing, and relaxing in a beautiful hotel in the small charming town of Hawley Pennsylvania, looking for a quick weekend getaway to invigorate […]

Challenge Yourself – a Tour of the Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute Of America 2013 Tour

Last month I had the privilege of touring the Culinary Institute of America with several other food bloggers. I live and work in a college town. It’s a thing. I had mentally prepared myself for a tour similar to what I’m used to. My mind was blown. The CIA was a work of dreams, set in a stunning old building that had previously been a Jesuit seminary. There were stained glass windows, old wooden hallways, creaky basement stairs, and more stunning brick facades then I could take in on our rainy tour. The Hyde Park campus overlooks a wooded view […]

2013 Top 10 Recipes and Year End Recap


2013 flew by in a blink. I’m not sure who hit fast forward or where the time went, but it was action packed and full of adventure and I’m pretty sure it’s the first of many years where there’s more time enjoying and less time for everything else. As for the recipes, you guys love some slow cooker solutions. And that’s ok, cuz so do I. 7 out of 10 of the most views recipes of 2013 were slow cooker, from meat to dips, crock pot love what everywhere. Clearly, following slow cookers up with salads was a bad plan, […]

Bring the Party with mike’s hard Party Kit


As you are out spreading some Fa La La this holiday season bouncing from party to party, don’t forget to grab something to thank the hosts for all their hard work. It takes hours of prep, cleaning and cooking to throw a proper holiday shindig. Why not reward all that hard work with a little gift from mike’s hard lemonade that will help to kick off the merry mingling. With fun flavors like mike’s hard lemonade, mike’s hard black cherry lemonade, mike’s hard cranberry lemonade and mike’s hard limeade, with a flavor blast of real lemon juice for the best tasting flavor – […]

Party Hard – a Holiday Post Preview

Raise your hand if you’re one of those people who love the holiday season! I am. And as a Christmas fanatic from a family of holiday lovers – it’s just our time of year. We host parties, see friends, make up festive dances, come up with excuses to hang out some more, and all in all love this festive season. As part of the holiday season, I have a few fun posts schedule for you. Every year I throw a stress free party for guests from all parts of our lives, family, friends, clients, fellow bicycle enthusiasts, and more. The […]

Life happens October 2013


I don’t normally like to post non-food items on here. But it’s my little slice of the internet and sometimes, I dig looking back through my files. This is a journal of sorts. Sure, most of my life revolves around food. And I know a ton of my great stories are started at the dinner table, but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse at what it’s like when I walk out of the kitchen for a few days. funky little jellyfish tentacles.   far off battleships The other day I saw a woman taking her dog for a walk. I […]

Our Favorite Cookbooks Giveaway!


I was just thinking that it’s time to start plotting great cook book round ups for the season. Lucky for you – a bunch of awesome bloggers have teamed up and are offering a crazy giveaway! Each of us talked about our favorite cookbook and went in together to give one reader a copy of ALL 12! That’s right – someone’s stocking their pantry this fall and getting into some serious cooking. And, even if you have a few of these books already, this would make for some serious gift giving this season. There are some awesome books picked (I […]

Noshing Local: Paradise Grill, North East Maryland


We we’re in desperate need for a long overdue hearty breakfast after a two day stint in  field on mountain bikes and a Ibuprofen induced coma from the night before. We hopped (more like hobbled) up and headed into the town of North East Maryland, wanting a some place quiet where we could sit outside, enjoy the sun, and not feel rushed. Paradise Grille is at the end of the main street-esq strip that runs through the center of town with several mom and pop shops along with some local tourist attractions. It’s tucked far enough back that it never seems […]

Noshing Local: Two Stones Pub Newark Delaware


Let me start by saying this review is totally biased. Two Stones is my favorite place in Newark. Period. Now that that’s off my chest… A few years ago the tiny dive that was always an Irish pub on the corner of Marrow’s Road and Route 4 changed hands and became Two Stones Pub. Knowing that it had been a dive for years, I pretty much avoided it like the plague. A few friends mentioned it was pretty good and I continued to ignore them. Little did I know what I was missing. Finally, one night with every other local […]

Noshing Local: Guilday’s Restaurant Newark, DE #Review


Off the side of the road on Route 40 just before the Maryland state line in Delaware is a classic mom and pop joint that’s cooking up breakfast every day to a packed house until 3 in the afternoon. It’s the type of place you could drive past a dozen times without seeing, but once you stop in, you’ll know why the parking lot is always full. A classic pit stop of ours after long and dirty mountain bike rides, Guilday’s is the type of classic breakfast diner that serves up just about everything you want to fill up on […]

Muffins for Muffin Bake Sale


Today’s the day for our super big awesome bake sale for Muffin! Muffin is the sweetest little pit you ever did meet. She’s currently recovering with Response-A-Bull rescue, after being  found neglected and abused in Baltimore. Muffin is currently being fostered and cared for with some loving and amazing people. Her foster mom is the sweetest person I have ever met and cares for all of Muffins needs without hesitation, in addition to her own pups! Muffin is doing well in foster and her personality is upbeat and loving, even after all she has been through. The girl loves to snuggle. It […]

Muffins for Muffin Bake Sale Preview


We are one week away from the bake sale of the summer. Get ready to ruin that bikini body for a good cause as bakers across the country are donating tasty treats to be bid on all day July 17th. As you all know, we are rooting on Lil Miss Muffin, a pup found neglected and abused. She is with the wonderful people at Response-A-Bull rescue as they continue her treatment and long road to recovery. Muffin is amazingly, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met, even after all she has been through. Her personality is soft and […]

Albion Fit Giveaway – Get Up and Move!


You all know I like to be active. Well… now I like to be active. Two years ago I would have been shoving another cookie in my mouth looking for an excuse to play video games until 4 in the morning. I guess buying a mountain bike changed that. In two years I have become a hard core work out addict. I love riding my bike. I go in withdraw when I can’t. And heck, now I even enjoy running. Crazy, I know. I wasn’t over weight, I didn’t have a medical reason to start ‘working out’, the truth of […]

Noshing Local: Home Grown Brunch Newark Delaware


Breakfast is not my thing. Waking up and eating a pile of sugary sweet buttered pancakes or waffles. No thank you. But after a 20 mile bike ride, I can be talked into all sorts of things. Especially when my stomach is growling and I’m about to eat everything that isn’t bolted down in the kitchen. Plus, as cheep as eggs are, there’s something nice and relaxing about going out for breakfast on a weekend day. Stretches things out and makes the day seem to last a little longer. We picked Home Grown Cafe on Main Street in Newark for […]

Running, biking, and noshing. A weekend at Granogue 2013


Another busy weekend filled with mud, friends, and mountain bikes came and went faster than I would have liked. This is our second time heading to the epic 12 hour Granogue  race, but the first time really participating. Last year we had a killer view as we marshaled the ‘Tunnel of Love’ for a few hours, but being new the scene and not knowing many people, we left right away. This year we hung out Friday night (I got to throw down a little b-b-q for my friends) in that awesome rain we had. Saturday it was up bright and […]

Noshing Local: BackFin Blues Bar and Grill Review

BackFin Blues Bar and Grill Review via

In an attempt to expand the content on Pass the Sushi (and get around to those local reviews I promised myself I would start writing about 2 years ago) I am working on weekend bi-monthly reviews of local restaurants, pit stops, and watering holes that I’m stopping at along my travels. It’s hard for me to eat out because I am notoriously cheap, so when I do I want it to be good. If you live in the TriState area, or most likely, more around the Chesapeake Bay area  you’re going to love the few places I have prepped and […]