The Blue Surf Cafe was an unexpected pleasure. This breakfast nook in Wilmington, NC is worth a stop. You might even stay right through lunch.

Breakfast at Blue Surf Cafe | Wilmington, North Carolina | Review via

Every trip is spent with much patience as I search for non-traditional places to park and stretch our legs. Which means, we spend more time driving. But that's ok, because that's when we find unexpected places like this breakfast nook in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Blue Surf Cafe Caught Our Eye

We stopped into the Blue Surf Cafe not really knowing what to expect. Breakfast and lunch options are written on a chalkboard above a counter where you order. They read mighty nice, too. Everything sounds appetizing with a 'Build Your Own' breakfast,  where you can pick from options like pulled pork and black beans, to feta and spinach.

Nice folding beach chairs are tucked under tables where boardwalk like benches aren't present and over all (hopefully not influenced by the dreary day outside) the place had a very mellow feel. I thought we would be quick, but after sitting, I wanted to stay a while.

Waffles with maple and bacon at Blue Surf Cafe | Wilmington, North Carolina | Review via

The Breakfast Was Everything That We Could Hope For

Handsome dug in on some buttermilk waffles with maple and bacon. And, upon seeing his choice heading to the table, I kind of regretted my savory choice. But the Build Your Own Breakfast Castro, with pulled pork, jalapeno, black beans, and cheddar, with two sunny side eggs over corn tortillas with a swell sauce kind of made up for it. My plate was clean and polished before I realized it. And so was his before I had a chance to steal a second bite. I'd say that makes for a winner.

sunny side eggs over corn tortillas at Blue Surf Cafe | Wilmington, North Carolina | Review via

Check out Blue Surf Cafe in Wilmington NC, open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know we'll be back.

250 Racine Rd
Wilmington, NC 28403
Check them out on Facebook.

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