High Cotton, Greenville SC


There’s a quaint little restaurant sitting South Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina that has a lovely view of the river rolling through the center of town as you sit and dine. It’s a quiet sort of place with infused cocktails and a stellar menu that highlights simple dishes with amazing flavor. Whether for a simple date night or for a fun couples night out,High Cotton is an establishment, among many, that you have got to try while visiting Greenville.

High Cotton, Greenville SC | Kita Roberts


While there, we enjoyed a fun appetizer of Mystery Peppers, where you aren’t sure how much heat the next bite will pack. Wonderful fun for the bold. A light beef carpaccio, a taste of the autumn salad (order this… trust me), the rib eye, and a pork chop. We were also treated to some specialities as the head chef had participated in some of Euphoria’s food festivities the night before. Needless to say, even though the desserts sounded amazing, we weren’t making it. I barely made it a few bites into the mouth watering pork chop by the time it was all said and done.

High Cotton, Greenville SC | Kita Roberts


The staff was excellent as we never had to so much as glance to get our waitresses attention for a refill or request. The head chef, Adrian Carpenter, who I had met the night before at the festival, came out and shared his creation with us. With the combinations of amazing atmosphere, wonderful staff, and delicious food, High Cotton is a bite not to be missed of this charming city in the south.

Be sure to stop in to High Cotton, Greenville SC the next time you are passing throFacebook if you want to see their current concoctions and celebrations.

High Cotton, 550 S. MAIN ST. GREENVILLE, SC 29601

Open Daily at 4PM for Happy Hour. Dinner starts at 5. Don’t be late.

Greenville | Kita Roberts


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