Braised Cola Onions & Sausage

Braised Cola Onions and Sausage

Most of the time I stare at into the kitchen waiting for a recipe to pop into my head just to find that although the pantry is over stocked, I don’t have a single thing I need on hand. Today’s post was different. I had direction. A group of fantastic bloggers was challenged by Williams-Sonoma and Le Creuset to show off the beautiful color of cookware; Quince. Immediately, warm comforting meals came to mind – about a dozen or so of them for me to narrow it down from. And I picked the one that had a pile of onions […]

Slow Cooker Sausage and Peppers


2012 is over. No going back now. It’s time to get your game face on and tackle the upcoming year with me. I mean seriously, I’m talking war paint up your mug like you are Mel Gibson getting ready to storm the battlefields of Stirling. For 2013 – let’s just make a checklist. For the home: New carpet, new sofa, new chairs for the kitchen, big shiny new back door. Yeah, that last one needs to happen. Our house is slowly developing a look but we need to have a little heart to heart. I mean seriously, our house is missing… […]

Pesto Artichoke Lasagna Rolls


This time of year I am more than guilty of binging on heavy meals – I mean those carb laden heavy meals that sit in your tummy until lunch the next day. Those guilty kinds of means. The heavy ones that are oh so worth it. (The sweat your tush off at the gym the next day meals) And lasagna has to be one of my favorites. I had to travel a few weekends ago and wanted to leave something hearty and delicious behind for my man and these little lasagna rolls were born. I baked them in personal gratin […]

Weeknight Fettuccine with Sausage & Kale


Early sunsets are not good for a darned thing. With the sun setting at like noon, I’ve been acting like an old woman. Just feed me, give me my pills, and put me to bed to the tune of Jeopardy. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it certainly feels like it. I never knew I was a summer person until this year. I don’t want to cook as much, go out as much, certainly can’t take as many pictures, or drive after dark. (See, little. old. lady.) The one thing cold dark nights are good for? Carbohydrates. Tons and tons of […]

Rustic Bean Soup with Pesto


Did anyone else see that whirlwind of craziness that just passed through this weekend? I’m pretty sure I have a weeks worth of scrubbing to do before I can even think about bringing out the holiday boxes. Part of me really wishes I could skip the cleaning part and just throw glitter all over everything. To top it off, I decided that traveling to Mixed this next weekend would be just the pre-holiday why-am-I-not-planning-or-checking-lists-twice kind of stress inducer relief I needed. No really, I’m excited to go. The drive through Virginia alone will me me super happy. I hope you all had a much more […]

Farm Country Grilled Pizza


Brace yourselves. It’s the last week of grill themed action packed calorie loaded fat kid Mondays here at Pass the Sushi. I know, I cried a little myself. But don’t worry, there’s a weekly online counseling program and an all new theme for Monday taking over that is just as good. Let’s be realistic, nothing is as good as a flame kissed perfectly seasoned burger, but it’s just about as good. Summer Grilling Round Up: Personal Grilled Taco Pizzas  Grilled Miso-Ginger Salmon Tex-Mex Bacon Burgers Braggin’ Rights Smoked Brisket Barbecue Chicken Salad Whiskey Burgers Texas Shredded Beef Ultimate Steakhouse Burgers […]

Loaded Chorizo Tacos


Have you ever had a certain recipe or flavor stuck in your head? A savory smell you caught a brief whiff of that made you taste buds start begging or an ingredient list that looked like the perfect flavor combination? Well the recipe I made today was exactly that. The moment I spotted it I couldn’t get it out of my head and for this taco purist, that says a lot. Being particular or maybe just a little obsessed with cooking, I set out by making my own chorizo for the day. For those of you interested in stuffing your […]

Cheese-Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Smoked Brats


True Blood, how I hate you. Let me count the ways…. Yes, I went there. And I know you’re going to hate me for it. But don’t un-friend me just yet. Sookie. I am pretty sure I am not supposed to hate the main character of any show, but I can’t find a single redeeming thing about Sookie. First, this girl is dumber then a bag of bricks. For someone who can hear every ones thoughts around her, why is she always walking into trouble. For that matter, for someone who’s been attacked multiple times, why does she keep going […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Cajun Mac and Cheese


Let’s get down on the bayou with a kiss, a frog, and some serious flavor. Macaroni and cheese is something I developed a late love affair with not growing up with the blue  box, but don’t make your children suffer the same fate as me, or they may become mac and cheese addicts (see my teenage years). The problem with mac and cheese is that it can get boring if you aren’t mixing it up from time to time with new flavors. Sure, melted cheese is amazing, but add some southern kick and we are really talking. I have yet to see […]

Low-Country Frittata


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and what a better way to celebrate than with breakfast in bed? I’m not even a mom and I would be down with someone bringing me a delicious and satisfying breakfast that I didn’t have to cook myself. Sadly, I did cook this fritatta myself… but I was also the only one in my house eating it, and let me just tell you, with all these flavors packed in, it was amazing. Just in case you are considering not enjoying this in bed, this frittata would make an amazing brunch recipe for a large group. […]

Biscuits with Creamy Gravy & Sausage


A moment ago, I had the thought to hide the frivolous purchase of yet more ‘props’ I made before my man got home. It isn’t that I didn’t want him to know that I was spending money, I just don’t want to see the eye roll when he realizes there are two more plates to be meticulously piled into the cabinet. The second the thought passed through my head, I realized how ridiculous it was, however, I notice that a lot of my clients are on strict budgets managed by their significant others. I am not talking deadbeats who are gambling money away on magical variant covers that will someday be worth millions […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Penne with Sausage and Artichokes


Guess what I got in the mail today? No, I did not inharent a fortune from my great aunt Edna who was also a Duchess in the old country. I got one of those fancy pictures of my car with an over priced bill attached. I am not ticked that I am writing the District of Columbia an exorbitant ticket, I am ticked because I have yet to get a legitimate ticket. This is the second time a fancy picture of my car has been sent to me. The first – We had adventured down some shady streets on the […]

Recipe Redo: Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta


If the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach, than I have a recipe that is guaranteed to seal the deal. Seriously, you will be lucky if this one makes it to the plate before forks are diving in for creamy flavor filled bites. This was the first real dish I posted on Pass the Sushi and it had been a really long time since I made it. There’s a reason why… just look at the ingredient list. We’re talking serious fat kid love, but it’s a good fat kid love. A serious clog your arteries but can’t stop licking the plate kind of […]

Lasagna Soup


This is one of those recipes I have been debating on whether or not I post for some time. I saw variations of lasagna soup on many sites and the idea most definitely caught my attention. Making lasagna for two is rough. There is only so many days of lasagna for lunch and dinner that we can handle, and a large pan of lasagna is about three days more than we need. But soup. We can down some soup in this house. Could a quick soup really be as good as a serving of your grandmomas’s home made labor of […]

Cheesy Potato Frittata a Secret Recipe


Look around this blog. You notice anything? Keep looking… That’s right. No basic egg dishes. Ever. The egg, one of the most versatile, simply and healthy things one could ever cook and you won’t see me use them (unless we’re baking something – then it doesn’t count). Want a dirty little secret? I hate eggs. Ever since one of my mom’s boyfriends told me that that little white thing you get in some eggs was a baby chicken I’d just murdered, I’ve never been able to eat them. These protein packed pillars of the gastronomical universe should make my meatatarian self salivate […]

Spicy Italian Sausage


I used to think I was tough. I thought I was rough, hard around the edges and out of my 3 co-workers the the most intimating. Yeah, I was gangster. Until the day I decided to make sausage. Let me just tell you, sausage making will knock you out of your boots no matter how tall you think you stand. Or at least it did to me. It wasn’t butchering of the pork, slicing delicately around bone – making sure the fat ratio was just right took me down. It wasn’t the marinating the 4 pounds of cubed pork in […]

Sausage Kabobs to Kick Off the Summer Grill Season


It’s Memorial Day and that means its officially summer (well, not according to the calendar – but where I’m from its all the more pomp and circumstance then needed to mark the start of summer). The pools are open, the kids are biding their last few days in school and the extra propane tank is filled waiting for its moment in the spotlight. In my family, summer also marks the beginning of birthday season, so its one reason celebrate after another! To mark the joy of summer I am going to be featuring at least one recipe hot off the […]

Getting down home with Meaty Gumbo


ts so cold here today that there were ice crystals on the inside of the backdoor for a large portion of the day. Now, I’m not complaining, it’s winter – but it’s bloody cold. The only good thing about the winter is the food. Cold weather brings out the best in hearty soups, stews and (not great for my waistline) comfort foods. Can’t eat a pile of mac and cheese in the summer and not feel horrible about that bikini mocking you in the closet. In the winter, the hoodie easily hides the guilt. I wasn’t raised in the south, […]

Mixed-Greens and Sausage Soup


Please excuse my posts if they have been a little sporadic lately. I have been fighting one of those weird colds where you don’t feel sick but you need to be on medicine (so I’m all doped up for lack of better terms). This is my first attempt to post a weekly recipe from a non-internet source. What’s the point in having all these cookbooks and magazines if I’m not making use of them. However, as I mentioned previously, I’m on medicine so that’s going to be my excuse for the abomination of this recipe that took place in the […]

Lentil Sausage Soup. Wait, what’s a lentil?


As I have mentioned in the past, Pass the Sushi and my Two New a Week goal have really introduced me to some new and interesting things. It has also introduced me to some pretty basic things as well. Like lentils. Going into today’s recipe, I had no idea what a lentil was or what it taste like. I didn’t google lentil or research what I was getting into. I grabbed a bag off at the market and set out to make supper. At the dinner table, Handsome asked me what a lentil was. I politely told him I had […]

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing


I know its way early in the season for stuffing, but I don’t care – I am in love with Anne Burrell right now (she’s just so darned cuddly!). I was feeling all down and out so I decided to spend the take taking up time in the kitchen and went a little overboard. There was a smoked chicken, soup, stuffing and dessert (that didn’t photograph for crap – oh, the tastespotting gods love to spite me – haha, its not that I’m just not a crappy photographer).   This stuffing though – o.m.g. Once the aroma of sage and […]

Sausage Calzones, you’ll be on fire for this one


It’s like a bazillion degrees outside today and I’m blaming it on the people who weren’t happy with last weeks refreshing break mother nature granted us with. If it was a bazillion and it rained every now and then it may not be such a bad thing. It hasn’t rained though. The grass is brown and my plants are starting to turn yellowish brown even though I’ve been making sure to water them. I’ll be really sad if I lose my garden now due to a PO’d Mother Nature. Speaking of hot…. I made a total newb mistake today and […]

Two birds, one stone.


This weeks “two new to try” was an easy two birds with one stone type of thing. I made a Caramelized Cajun Chicken from Southern Living Annual Recipes 09 and stuffed peppers for my friends. I love trying new things and here is the one mistake I constantly make – I try new things on people. Instead of going back to something I’ve already made and know is a home run. It’s like “Oh, experiment time!” You know what happens then? About 5 minutes before serving time I start to wonder, “Hmm, was this a bad idea?” With no emergency […]

What do you mean you don’t put the green end down?


This weekend hit the spot. It was perfect and I was able to start actually putting things into the ground. My BF put mulch and weed barrier down for me and his mom brought over some already established (… less likely for my un-garden-educated self to kill) plants over. So Sunday morning, which no real knowledge of what I was doing, I started digging holes and putting green leafy things into the dirt. I so felt like I was slaughtering some worms. Poor lil dudes. Every time I dug one up, I tried to put him back into the ground […]

Why hello 2010, let me ruin that resolution for ya.


Let me introduce you to my new best friend Cajun sausage and chicken pasta. The first meal of the year, the first meal of my new try two every week, and my god, was it good. I have been eyeing up this recipe for a while and finally after my boyfriend put a hard days work in ripping out and redoing his own bathroom, I figured a great meal would be a good reward.  Cajun sausage and chicken pasta tweaked from Southern Living was as amazing as I had expected. I just warn you, the timing is tricky. I have […]