Burger Buns

Burger Buns from PasstheSushi.com

Some of the best recipes come from crinkled pages stained with ware and yellowed with age. This is one of them. Handsome’s mother gave me an older copy of Fleischmann’s Yeast book when she and I were talking about must try yeast recipes. We talked about how dough has a feel and you can figure out when things are going to go well or bad from the very beginning. I admit to needing to practice my dough making skills. A lot. To see that juicy burger up close on these fresh buns, check out the recipe over at GirlCarnivore. Rawr […]

Slow Cooker Beef and Noodle Soup with Artichoke Cheesy Bread


As I type this the hype of Sandy has almost peeked in my area and people are tucking themselves in to their homes to see what this beast has in store for us. At this point I have been warned about high winds, possible snow, and severe power outages. I hope you are reading this in a warm cozy house with power and that Sandy has left you unharmed. Our strategy included digging out the Pop-Tarts from last years hurricane Irene and pulling the umbrella and chairs off of the porch. I probably should have stocked up on toilet paper and ice […]

Caramel Frosted Zucchini Bread


Before we get on to the delicious zucchini bread below, it’s time for another quick round of Diggin’ It Tuesday. No lie, fall weather. It’s 66 degrees F outside right now. I’m in heaven. My Tameron 18-270mm lens, because it lets me get all up close and personal from far away. Not a professional level lens. There’s a lot more noise in the pictures than I would like, but it was really dark and for the price you can’t beat it. I know I have included a link to Amazon, but please, always buy your photography equipment from local stores. […]

Banana Bread with Nutella Swirls


This awesome ruffle topped strapless dress that I wore to my friends wedding this weekend. (Though, I looked nothing like the model in the picture. Sorry boobs happen.) And this totally rocking purse that went along with it. (Look ma! I’m all growed up and have a bag with stuff in it) Orange wedges. Seriously, this is the only orange piece of clothing I own. Fancy pants mascara. Don’t get my wrong, I’m all for CoverGirl mascara, but this stuff rocks the casbah for when you need great eyes all night long.   PrintBanana Bread with Nutella Swirls Ingredients2 cups flour, […]

Banana Bread in a Mug


  For a few years I have seen recipes floating about for ‘mug cakes’ – where you mix the ingredients in a cup and plop it in the microwave. The idea is pretty neat, we just don’t do a whole lot of microwaved anything. I didn’t have one at my parents house, so I rarely think to use it now that one sits there taking up valuable counter space. Handsome’s mom gave me a recipe for a chocolate mug cake a while ago and I meant to try it, but the paper got shuffled in with life and there went that. It […]

Butterscotch Krimpet Bread Pudding


I often wonder how I portray myself on this old blog of mind. People tell me they like my writing style and I sit and try to figure out what that means. Simply, I just try to be myself. No, there are some stories you are never going to get. Mainly because without a martini or two, they simply aren’t as interesting. Get me tipsy and I’ll tell you anything. I am not a mom blogger, diet, health, family friendly, or any sort of specialized blogger that would work to get me in a nitch with people. Sometimes I wonder if I […]

Glazed Cranberry, Lemon & Crystallized Ginger Loaf


My sister’s big day is almost here. My nails are all pretty, the dresses are hanging, and the rehearsal dinner awaits us tonight. I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer up as her maid of honor. But, I’m the baby sister, this is my first time being a maid of honor annnd simply, I’m not married. But the things I would like to say are Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it and it’s crazy to go to bed angry at one another over something that doesn’t matter. “You’re right” isn’t one sided. Sometimes you […]

Honey Oat Bread and Finding My Mojo in 2012


Since I had yesterday to be all publicly pouty and I’m not one to stay down in the dumps very long lets kick today off with some awesomeness. First, that bread recipe below, that’s pretty freakin awesome. Second, the New Years resolution post. I am not one for New Years resolutions personally, but I like to take it as a chapter break for the blog to figure out what I can improve on and how I can make Pass the Sushi even more action packed and fun filled for my readers. Continue to grow the recipe collection: I think its about time that […]

Straight Baguette {The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking Review & Giveaway}


We haven’t had a good old fashioned book review on the site since summer and when Abrams publishing asked me if I would like to check out a book on bread baking I jumped at it. Bread baking is one of those skills I revere as essential to any well balanced chef. Bread is one of our most basic of foods for thousands of years and it seems to be it should be something we all strive to become good at. It’s also one of the most intimidating of things to me. For some reason, the idea of yeast, rising, kneading, […]

Banana Bread Pancakes


Have you had that moment yet when you realize your an adult? That moment when you break into a cold sweat and the shock and awe of true adulthood knock you on your behind. There’s no turning back once you have that moment – so if you haven’t had it yet – live it up. I had my moment. Sure, I’ve paid insurance, car payments, rent,  heat, gone to mandatory girl doctor’s appointments,and lived on only pasta when times were tough but nothing brought on the full weight of what it meant to be an adult until the other day. […]

Rosemary Ribeye Steaks with Grilled Bread Salad


Have you guys seen that new TV show, New Girl? It stars Zooey Deschanel who is a recently dumped girl trying to break free from her model friends and start fresh (though, it seems like they are still friends, she just didn’t want to live with her anymore). I watched the first episode the other night and actually found myself laughing out load. Sadly, because if you ever wanted to know what I am really like in my own kitchen, Zooey’s character Jess is probably about as close as you will ever get to an on screen interpretation. Where I would […]

Bakery Fresh Bagels


Ever get a bug up your booty and want to wipe the slate clean? That’s where I am. I want to box everything up in the house, drag it into the front yard – clean top to bottom and only bring back the essentials. Blame it on the women who put my through my teens, but I can’t take a mess, clutter, or a single dish in the kitchen sink at night. Ha, don’t I sound like everything I made fun of during those rough years. The thinking behind it all was that you may never have much, but you […]

Fluffy Cinnamon Bread


Bread recipes are some of my favorite to work with. Not because I eat a lot of bread, but because it teaches us when we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. Bread teaches us patience. Waiting all day for yeast to rise to finally see that golden brown treasure pulled from the oven. It teaches us humility on the days when it just doesn’t work; when the bread doesn’t rise or deflates at the last second. It teaches us to keep practicing when that pizza dough doesn’t taste exactly like your grandmother’s classic recipe. But most of […]

Creole Bread Pudding with Bourbon Whiskey Sauce


I have been working on trying to create a good sight. A good food blog. I have no aspirations of becoming the next Pioneer Woman (mainly because I doubt Handsome is ever going to trade in his power drill for cowboy boots) but I do want to create something I am proud of. I have worked hard at trying to develop my photography skills because I enjoy it and want to learn more about taking a good picture. In the past year I have submitted to tastespotting, foodgawker and the likes so many times that Handsome no longer has to […]

Bread Is Our Sustenance.


When the day is done and the world is collapsing we don’t need a whole lot. A good pair of boots to get you where you need to go, good food in your stomach and the world is your oyster. Bread is the rock of my food base. The core of things. Comforting, warm and needed. There is something so rewarding about conquering bread. It has been crafted for thousands of years and yet every time I pull a perfect loaf out of the oven a warm feeling of accomplishment comes over me. It’s amazing how something so essential to […]

Pull Apart Bread for your Super Bowl Throwdown

Sausage Stuffed Pull Apart Bread

I feel like a blogging slacker for not posting great finger foods, hearty chilies, and messy sloppy gooey man food all week this week because honestly, I’d eat like that if I could all of  the time. I’d whine like a baby about feeling fat and ill for the rest of the day and drive everyone nuts, but some great layered nachos always hit the spot. And with the Super Bowl this weekend? How dare I! Oh, well. There will be a kitchen throwdown on Sunday for a few friends and my own palate that I will tell ya’ll about […]

Living up to the hype with Challah Bread


I’m not a fan of false advertising. I get 3 or 4 emails a day from stores, clothing companies, etc. Nothing ticks me off more then seeing a cute outfit on an add put out by or for clothing, and when you go to look for the merchandise … not there. (No, not sold out. Simply, not something they sell). With food its even more annoying. Today there were a billion tweets about how taco bell meat isn’t really meat. Well, duh. But what’s shocking, is how far they are allowed to twist their advertising and what the FDA doesn’t […]

Chocolate Banana Bread


I couldn’t take it anymore! There are a billion food posts right now on Foodgawker, Tastespotting and Foodbuzz all featuring bananas. We all know this house is a fruit free zone but OMG, I really really needed some banana bread in my life. So the other day I went to the market and actually purchased bananas! I know! I wasn’t given someones old bananas, I actually paid $0.66 for bananas! (I even accosted some poor woman while I was at it asking how long it takes for a banana to go from green to brown. She looked at me like […]

Rustic Rosemary Garlic Bread


I have been a lackadaisical food blogger this week. NyQuil will do that do a girl. I haven’t been actively commenting on anyones blog or anything, but I promise, if were buddies on FoodBuzz, I’ve been buzzing like crazy. I’ll be back up to 100% soon, I promise. As part of my battle to beat my fear of yeast this year, I made this bread to go with yesterdays soup post. Its a hearty dense bread that would be great for sandwiches but holds up beautifully to just being toasted and smeared with butter.   What I did different: I […]

Kicking it up for 2011 with Brioche!


Here we are 4 days into the new year and I have yet to declare any resolutions. I believe that stating your goals makes you more likely to achieve them and validates them with yourself and the people who are going to support you with them. That being said, I think I may have one too many aspirations for 2011, so please no stone throwing or name calling if I don’t actually live up to all of my goals.   2011 Resolutions for Pass the Sushi!       Back away from the technology: I have too many magazine subscriptions […]

Best Gift Ever and a basic White Bread


Remember that whole bit about not being a spoiled brat. Yeah, throw that out the window because this year I was indeed a spoiled rotten for Christmas. First of all, no one caught he holiday spirit in my neck of the woods but I told my parents I refused to open presents without a tree. So, they put up the tree – just for me – because they rock. My boyfriend’s parents gave me my first piece of LaCreuset cookware (a new shiny red loaf pan) and some other kitchen must haves that were way awesome. My boyfriend gave me […]

Crusty Italian Bread


Nothing beats warm fresh bread. Ask Handsome, he can demolish any loaf put in front of him in minutes. Whether it be slathered in jam, coated in butter or plain – fresh warm bread is something that really can’t be beat. Who would have though something so normal would still be able to impress us so much? It’s only been a staple in our diets forever. And here I am, not alone according to google reader, fearful of working with yeas. Its apparently mystifying powers to recreate itself and create rising doughs still intimidates me (insert Alton Brown’s yeast sock […]

Hearty Apple Cranberry Loaf


Let’s talk Iron Chef America. Last night I caught another episode of the new Iron Chef competition and I just don’t like it. I don’t think a reality TV competition brings out the best in anyone nor does it make you an Iron Chef.   Are they making Ming Tsai out to be evil or is it just me? He is probably the most widely known chef on this season and has written some really awesome cookbooks – not to mention previously winning an Emmy for East Meets West. Maybe Chef Tsai really does have an evil streak and will […]

Caramel-Glazed Apple Bread


If pumpkin is a seasonal thing, and you have had Halloween candy out for 3 weeks, what the heck are you waiting for? I was told pumpkin is a seasonal item and the local grocery store will be receiving it closer to the season. The store is currently decorated with hay bales and fake pumpkins everywhere. Not to mention the 3 aisles devoted to ‘fall’ themed house stuff, like pumpkin shaped cake pans, pumpkin printed table linens, and pumpkin scented candles…. >.> No one could tell me what season exactly that they would be getting the pumpkin though. Made me […]

Ciabatta Bread


The recipes author had me laughing out loud – literally – with comments like this as you went along with the recipe,   Add flour and salt to your bowl of yeasty water. This, after measuring out the flour, presents another prime opportunity to get flour on your person. This will be regarded by many as a sign of your culinary determination. You’ll need such signs because anybody who actually watches you make the bread will think you’re one of the laziest bakers in existence.   Which meant I had to try it.  

If bad eggs float and good eggs sink…


Which do I burn for being a witch? Ok, that idea did make me giggle while I was thinking about whether or not to use eggs that were one day over the expiration date on the box. I am an expiration date freak. The moment the milk hits that day – ew and gone. Pretty much the moment everything hits that day, gone. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of ew and gones in a kitchen that you didn’t stock but now cook in. Like gravy packets (….gravy packets…) that had expired 4 years before you started using the […]

:ding: I’ve Leveled as a Cook


There are a few things in the culinary world that intimidate me for no logical reason. Bread would have to be in the top 5 if I were to actually sit down and write that list. I don’t know why. I have done a billion cake like breads, but to me, they don’t count. I’m talking yeast and dough and kneading. However, I was determined to overcome this silly fear by taking on my first bread dough with a no knead version (pretty much can’t screw that up right). So after googling and tastespotting – then not reading the recipe […]