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Banana Bread Pancakes

Banana bread pancakes are the perfect weekend breakfast treat! Fluffy, whole wheat banana pancakes with fall flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with a sweet vanilla glaze.

Banana Bread Pancakes \\ PassTheSushi.comHave you had that moment yet when you realize your an adult? That moment when you break into a cold sweat and the shock and awe of true adulthood knock you on your behind. There’s no turning back once you have that moment – so if you haven’t had it yet – live it up.

I had my moment. Sure, I’ve paid insurance, car payments, rent,  heat, gone to mandatory girl doctor’s appointments,and lived on only pasta when times were tough but nothing brought on the full weight of what it meant to be an adult until the other day. After a week of debate and hours of research on the web, I spent several hundred dollars on a new vacuum cleaner.

I am officially an adult. And that sucks.

Seriously, a vacuum. It took time, thought and then lots of hard earned cash out of my pocket and it was not for something fun, or an awesome new pair of boots. Nope, it was for a household necessity. Once that won’t even magically make the dog stop shedding – it will just help me to clean it all up.

Banana Bread Pancakes \\

Banana Bread Pancakes \\
My new vacuum hasn’t arrived yet (Yeah for free shipping!) but when it does it had better be the best damned vacuum in the universe or I am taking it back and going to Disney World.

 Banana Bread Pancakes \\

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