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Rosemary Ribeye Steak with Grilled Bread Salad

Ribeye steak is delicious on its own, but when it’s flavored with fresh rosemary and grilled to perfection, this tender cut of beef becomes a masterpiece for dinner!

Have you guys seen that new TV show, New Girl? It stars Zooey Deschanel who is a recently dumped girl trying to break free from her model friends and start fresh (though, it seems like they are still friends, she just didn’t want to live with her anymore). I watched the first episode the other night and actually found myself laughing out load. Sadly, because if you ever wanted to know what I am really like in my own kitchen, Zooey’s character Jess is probably about as close as you will ever get to an on screen interpretation.

Where I would never find myself sobbing and watching a 6 day marathon of Dirty Dancing, I am totally a nerd who doesn’t know how to dress herself and can’t smile on command for the life of me. I was even trying to deny some similarities the other day to my co-worker when I realized that I had indeed announced that I made up a new jingle on the way to work – so yeah, I even sing to myself…

I would like to hope that I am more a cross between the host of Bitchin’ Kitchen and The New Girl in my own mind with far worse a potty mouth and not nearly as stylized for the screen.


Now, off to be the grill master for a delicious rosemary ribeye steak.


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