Burger Buns

Burger Buns from PasstheSushi.com

Some of the best recipes come from crinkled pages stained with ware and yellowed with age. This is one of them. Handsome’s mother gave me an older copy of Fleischmann’s Yeast book when she and I were talking about must try yeast recipes. We talked about how dough has a feel and you can figure out when things are going to go well or bad from the very beginning. I admit to needing to practice my dough making skills. A lot. To see that juicy burger up close on these fresh buns, check out the recipe over at GirlCarnivore. Rawr […]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls


 So yeah, these cinnamon rolls are all over the internet right now, along with anything else pumpkin. I was flipping through my new copy of Baked Elements and trying to figure out what recipes I would test for my review and the entire chapter on pumpkin caught my eye. Fall is here and apples and pumpkin are pretty much on every food blog out there. I’m pretty sure I would have been blacklisted from the food blogging community had I not posted something pumpkin related. When I was making these, I didn’t think I was going to love them. None of the […]

Farm Country Grilled Pizza


Brace yourselves. It’s the last week of grill themed action packed calorie loaded fat kid Mondays here at Pass the Sushi. I know, I cried a little myself. But don’t worry, there’s a weekly online counseling program and an all new theme for Monday taking over that is just as good. Let’s be realistic, nothing is as good as a flame kissed perfectly seasoned burger, but it’s just about as good. Summer Grilling Round Up: Personal Grilled Taco Pizzas  Grilled Miso-Ginger Salmon Tex-Mex Bacon Burgers Braggin’ Rights Smoked Brisket Barbecue Chicken Salad Whiskey Burgers Texas Shredded Beef Ultimate Steakhouse Burgers […]

Chocolate Banana Doughnuts


Schools out, the holiday season is over, summer is breaking over the horizon with temperatures peeking into the 80’s and I thought for sure that would mean that I would have some long and lazy days. Wrong. But it’s all in a good way. There are some things keeping me very busy over here in the Pass the Sushi kitchen/office and I can’t wait to share them with you. However, they are preventing me from being an active member of the food blogging community. My comment time has dwindled to barely nothing, and even as I type this for tomorrow the clock […]

English Muffins & Urban Decay Mascara Review


Remember this post? The post where I proclaim I spent gobs of hard earned cash on make-up. I don’t blame you if you don’t. It’s been a month and post tend to go stale quick, especially during the holidays. But in that post, I promised I was going to review some make-up on here and since then, I forgot to review anything. If I keep up this pace, we will be through the Sephora sample box in a year or so. I have been using the products though, jotting down notes and trying to figure out which ones I like, […]

Bakery Fresh Bagels


Ever get a bug up your booty and want to wipe the slate clean? That’s where I am. I want to box everything up in the house, drag it into the front yard – clean top to bottom and only bring back the essentials. Blame it on the women who put my through my teens, but I can’t take a mess, clutter, or a single dish in the kitchen sink at night. Ha, don’t I sound like everything I made fun of during those rough years. The thinking behind it all was that you may never have much, but you […]

Baking Buns: Light Brioche Buns


A key component to any great sandwich is the bun. You need a bun that can hold up the fillings but doesn’t take away from the experience. (oh, insert the bun jokes here.) I’ve been known to throw away a bun if it’s too overpowering for the burger, or just takes away from the experience. Oh and if its too chewy or dry, its out. So, needless to say, with all the burgers off the grill lately, there have been some bun baking in this household – we’re not even going near the oven jokes – that just freaks me […]

Fluffy Cinnamon Bread


Bread recipes are some of my favorite to work with. Not because I eat a lot of bread, but because it teaches us when we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. Bread teaches us patience. Waiting all day for yeast to rise to finally see that golden brown treasure pulled from the oven. It teaches us humility on the days when it just doesn’t work; when the bread doesn’t rise or deflates at the last second. It teaches us to keep practicing when that pizza dough doesn’t taste exactly like your grandmother’s classic recipe. But most of […]

Comforting Pita Rolls for When Life is Crazy


Have I mentioned I welcome crazy into my life? I could go into a list of reasons why this is oh so very true, but instead I’ll just tell you what’s happening this week at the ranch. I’m dog sitting. That’s right, I decided Handsome’s 70 pound attention hogging mutt and my two cats weren’t enough and volunteered us to watch a very energetic rottweiler. Golda is a very excited 2 year old 90 pound gorgeous pup and she’s going to destroy my house (not at all on purpose, just based on the laws of physics – and object in […]

Quick and Easy Stromboli


I don’t know about you, but I love my fat kid meals. I love the unhealthy oozy gooey kind of meals that have little to no nutritional value. I’m a glutton for punishment because after every one of those meals I sit back in all that sloth like glory, and regret every bite knowing I could of had a delicious salad and felt just as full. But every chance I get, I’m more likely to pick pizza over a salad and wallow in my own gluttony. So, it’s up to me to try to beat myself at the market before […]

Bread Is Our Sustenance.


When the day is done and the world is collapsing we don’t need a whole lot. A good pair of boots to get you where you need to go, good food in your stomach and the world is your oyster. Bread is the rock of my food base. The core of things. Comforting, warm and needed. There is something so rewarding about conquering bread. It has been crafted for thousands of years and yet every time I pull a perfect loaf out of the oven a warm feeling of accomplishment comes over me. It’s amazing how something so essential to […]

Pull Apart Bread for your Super Bowl Throwdown

Sausage Stuffed Pull Apart Bread

I feel like a blogging slacker for not posting great finger foods, hearty chilies, and messy sloppy gooey man food all week this week because honestly, I’d eat like that if I could all of  the time. I’d whine like a baby about feeling fat and ill for the rest of the day and drive everyone nuts, but some great layered nachos always hit the spot. And with the Super Bowl this weekend? How dare I! Oh, well. There will be a kitchen throwdown on Sunday for a few friends and my own palate that I will tell ya’ll about […]

Living up to the hype with Challah Bread


I’m not a fan of false advertising. I get 3 or 4 emails a day from stores, clothing companies, etc. Nothing ticks me off more then seeing a cute outfit on an add put out by or for clothing, and when you go to look for the merchandise … not there. (No, not sold out. Simply, not something they sell). With food its even more annoying. Today there were a billion tweets about how taco bell meat isn’t really meat. Well, duh. But what’s shocking, is how far they are allowed to twist their advertising and what the FDA doesn’t […]

Rustic Rosemary Garlic Bread


I have been a lackadaisical food blogger this week. NyQuil will do that do a girl. I haven’t been actively commenting on anyones blog or anything, but I promise, if were buddies on FoodBuzz, I’ve been buzzing like crazy. I’ll be back up to 100% soon, I promise. As part of my battle to beat my fear of yeast this year, I made this bread to go with yesterdays soup post. Its a hearty dense bread that would be great for sandwiches but holds up beautifully to just being toasted and smeared with butter.   What I did different: I […]