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Chocolate Banana Doughnuts

Schools out, the holiday season is over, summer is breaking over the horizon with temperatures peeking into the 80’s and I thought for sure that would mean that I would have some long and lazy days. Wrong. But it’s all in a good way. There are some things keeping me very busy over here in the Pass the Sushi kitchen/office and I can’t wait to share them with you. However, they are preventing me from being an active member of the food blogging community. My comment time has dwindled to barely nothing, and even as I type this for tomorrow the clock is approaching midnight faster than I anticipated.

As for this weekend, there was work to be done. That didn’t mean we didn’t get a little time in on the mountain bikes, and did I mention, I’m watching 130lbs of chew through my computer mouse, romp in our pond and look oh-so-adorable-doing-it of puppy? (She also ate a toy Santa my cat has been dragging around for years. I felt horrible at the site of a mangled chewed Santa and couldn’t stop laughing all at the same time).



Dying to know what has me so busy lately? No, I am not the next Food Network Star, nor am I getting married. Nothing that fun and exciting I promise. But I also promise to let you in on it all soon. 😉


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