Christmas Breakfast? Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

I may be in my twenties, but Christmas morning has never changed. I wake up early giddy with anticipation. I try to not wake anyone else. Finally, I drop one too many spoons or shut the pantry door a little too hard and everyone else wakes up. There is the childlike joy of unwrapping presents under the tree and the mess of paper that follows.

We never made Christmas breakfast. Ever. Chocolate chip cookies, candy and pure excitement was all we needed to fill our tummies. But if you did want your family to have something more than pure sugar for Christmas breakfast, these delicious cinnamon rolls come together quick enough that you could sneak off while someone struggles to unhinge that must have toy from its stressful packaging.

Yeah, I know it looks long, but really its a quick recipe – and sooo tasty. I promise.

Seriously, Look at that awesomeness. ^.^



  1. Those look amazing, the perfect amount of gooeyness!

  2. These look WONDERFUL! YUM! I’d love to wake up to these on Christmas morning!

  3. Dang! I’m coming over bright and early!

  4. These sound delightful!

  5. Oh my heavens!! You are amazing! :)

  6. My entire family is the exact same way! In fact, my sister who just turned 30 this yr is the worst of us all, she sets her alarm for 5 am EVERY yr & then we tell her to go back to bed for 2 hours lol! It’s always fun having the whole family at home & Christmas breakfast is huge at our place. These cinnamon rolls look sooo delicious, I love the pecan addition. Would be a hit at our house!

  7. These look amazing! Pinned :)

  8. Perfect rolls…and no yeast for the dough…!!! Yes, looks like a long process, but I think is faster enough to be able to bake on the morning.
    Thanks for this recipe and have a Happy Holidays…!!!

  9. I love breakfast rolls of almost any variety! I actually just picked up orange rolls since that was a tradition I remember from growing up. These would be lovely too!

  10. Heck, I just turned 50 and I still get giddy on Christmas morning! I’d be even more so with one (or two) of these on a plate in front of me. Wow, they look so, so good. Very moist, very rich, very decadent. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

  11. That is definitely some Christmas morning ooey-gooey goodness!

  12. I’ve already got some of these lurking in the freezer ready for Christmas morning. Anything to stop my other half from devouring a box of jelly worms and turkish delight!

  13. I can’t beleive you guys don’t make breakfast on Christmas. My mom just emailed me a huge list of food for brunch for us… the 3 of us. I’m gonna roll out of CT

  14. Glad I’m not the only (eh-hem) 27 year old that can’t sleep through the night and is wide awake at 3:30 Christmas morning! But now that santa doesn’t stop at my house anymore (jerk) I might just have to make this in my early morning eagerness!

  15. This looks delicious. We started a tradition with our kids of Christmas brunch. Breakfast gets overlooked due to excitement. And cooking 3 meals on a busy day like that is not happening. So we just do brunch and dinner. I’d rather be opening gifts anyway. lol

  16. We always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas. I wish that my husband enjoyed nuts in them, but only half of my children and I like to crunch into a nut while eating a baked good. Your rolls look wonderful. Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  17. Oh my!! My dad and I would be all over this! We love cinnamon rolls and then put pecans, TO-DIE-FOR!


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