Tequila Rose Popsicles

This is a public service announcement.

First and foremost, it’s my birthday month so we have to party down.  Which also means you should also all be actively trying to convince Handsome of all the awesome kitcheness I can’t miss out on – or anything else for that matter.

Secondly, I wanted to show off my awesome new Recipe Index. Oh yeah, it pays to be your own designer some days. Course, if I wasn’t I would of had one a lot sooner that I would have to update manually (though I’m sure you wouldn’t have cared bout that).;)

I also added the new printer friendly version of the recipes featured here. I am working on going back and trying to update all my older posts with proper categories for the index and formatting for the recipes.

And for anyone who may just be stumbling here for the first time, check out the Facebook page and Twitter for random updates or drunken tweets from yours truly.

Now – when I think party – I think alcohol – so let’s get things started.

Sorry Kiddos, this ones for the adults. Or give one to the little guys, I won’t tell if you don’t ;)

Ah, crap. Legal stuff. Pass the Sushi does not condone giving kids alcohol – even if it does quiet them down for a bit.


  1. Birthday Month – a whole month of celebration! Happy Birthday, Kita. Love these popsicles for grownups.

  2. I cracked up the legal stuff. Totally just cracked up at my desk.

  3. The minute I said this recipe, my sister said, “Copy it!” What a great idea and one that needs testing, right away… thanks for sharing.. Come visit when you can…

  4. I went through a phase a few years ago when Tequila Rose was my drink of choice. I had all but forgotten about it until just now. These popsicles are great!

  5. Oh you had me at tequila! These not only look delicious but are beautiful! :)

  6. Ok! Seriously, I’m done with this! You are moving to NM to be my neighbor. I need to be able to eat these everyday and the only way is to have a buddy to eat them with!

  7. I love your new recipe index! Now you have me thinking of how I can change mine up :) Hope you birthday is super great and pass around those popsicles!

  8. First, I need a recipe index like that because I AM doing mine manually and it’s a long process! Second…yumminess! You are a popsicle making machine these days, and I love it.

  9. Party like a Rockstar!!! These are some pretty cute popscicles, would have to have at least two.

  10. RavieNomNoms says:

    Oh wow…what a great idea…they sound fantastic and they look so pretty too! Nice work Kita :-)

  11. Awesome recipe and recipe index! I thought my sister was the only one who celebrated a birth month!

  12. Awesome post, Kita! The idea of these popsicles is great, I love the Greek yogurt added it, yum!! PS – happy birthday month!

  13. Oh Tequila Rose do you bring back memories….

  14. Sounds kind of like a strawberry margarita-ish pop. Happy Birthday :)

  15. I love your recipe index! Great job! Now lets get to those delicious looking pops! Greek yogurt is such a great way to make these, I never thought of adding that. Its the perfect adult treat for any get together.
    Hope you have a great birthday my friend!

  16. this looks AMAZING. tequila rose? Nom.

  17. How come I have never met Tequila Rose? I need to fix that ASAP and this looks like the perfect recipe. Party on Kita – all month long!

  18. Sounds like very adult like Popsicles:)) They look absolutely perfect, and your pictures just prove that:)) Wonderful recipe dear!

  19. Kita, I love that you’re celebrating your whole birthday month! Your adult popsicles look amazing…and I bet they are darn tasty. Have a great weekend!

  20. Party all month long, Kita! Love these creamy spiked popsicles and how simple they are to make :) Your talent shines in the kitchen, behind the camera, and in your techie skills!

  21. Happy Birthday! Have a blast! Those popsicles are calling my name and the photos you took convince me to try the recipe. Good job Kita!

  22. I am so jealous of your recipe index haha I need to get on that. That was one of my summer resolutions and school starts next week =/ These popsicles look delic too! Yum!

  23. What exactly do you mean by instantly dissolving sugar? Would regular sugar work as well? I’m not big on Splenda.

    • Regular sugar, or maybe even some confectioners sugar, just to keep the grittiness down, would work. :)

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