Super Simple Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Have you ever just wanted gooey-cheesy-clog-your-arteries kind of food? Of course you have. Why else would you be here? That’s what I wanted when I walked into the kitchen to make this weeks Soup Kitchen Monday creation. Problem was, between recent travel, and the holiday season, I really should have just been eating celery. When I think of taco soup, I think of a hearty packed chili like soup slathered in cheese and swirled with sour cream and ever though I had seen some recipes for just that, I knew I had to cut it back just a bit.

Don’t worry, there’s still a fair amount of cheese in here, and what you do with your own topics is between you and the Jenny Craig, I’m not looking. It’s my honest opinion that nothing will ever replace the texture and flavor combination that is a real deal taco, but for a have it ready weeknight meal, this isn’t a bad option.


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  1. Ann says

    This was really good! I set it up to cook one morning while we were packing up and moving and it was ready by the end of the day. I can see making this again during the workweek, it’s super simple. I added some worcestershire to it, which added a nice tang. Thanks for the recipe!


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