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Chocolate-Glazed Chocolate Malted Bundt Cake

We are all of 6 days into December and the rest of the food blogging community went and left me in the dust. Preparedness has never been my thing. I didn’t roast a turkey in October and have a bunch of Thankgiving themed posts for you. Heck, I barely made any ‘large meals’ in November at all and I didn’t even make a turkey. I did pull out holiday decorations once for some photos, but immediately boxed them and put them away. So no fancy bokeh tree shots for you (yet). My static backgrounds will have to do. Besides, you just love me for the food, right?

For December I did put a little thought in and do have some delicious treats lined up, like this cake. Oh mother of God, this cake. I have several cookies, brownies, and cake treats for you. I also promised some damn good meals yesterday and to top it off I happen to have some pretty awesome swag for you guys to win. But mostly, my goal this year is to enjoy the holiday season. I have worked retail for over a decade and that means rushed, busy, and over worked Decembers. That’s not happening this year. I am going to slow down and take a few minutes to myself, my family, and do some hard core present wrapping. I invite you to try it as well. It’s kind of liberating so far. So bare with, grab a slice, and get ready for some awesomosity.


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