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Quick Dinner Fixins’ Chicken and Artichoke Paella

Weeknight dinners are rough. Especially in December when the whole world seems to be spinning a wee bit faster. I get home and it’s dark, I’ve worked all day and I am dog tired. And heck, I don’t even have kids I have to worry about! But I take no excuses in the Pass the Sushi kitchen and believe there is always time for a real supper no matter how crazy things get. (Except for tonight, when I’m probably just picking up a pizza. Don’t judge.) For those of you who want some real meal inspiration on the quick and easy for the month of December, check out the Quick Dinner Fixin’s Category for quick dinners that take under 30 minutes to get on the table. With a little prep and some planning you can make sure those extra holiday pounds aren’t from cheap take out.



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