Italian Wedding Soup

This post is probably bordering on TMI, but since I lack filters, I just suggest the men look below to the tasty tid bits.

Am I the only woman on the planet with an irrational fear of pregnancy? I treat it like catching the plague, every time a friend announces shes pregnant I buy a stash of sticks and pee on them like crazy hoping that it wasn’t somehow contagious, locking myself in a convent and rocking back and forth for a few hours. All of that is after I congratulate the new soon to be mother. I’m not heartless after all. This doesn’t just pertain to close friends either. The other day in the hair salon some ladies were talking about friends of friends being pregnant and poof, to the drug store it was.

I get that people have babies, like babies, and make great parents. But frankly, the whole idea of the entire shebang really freaks me out. I am not parent material and have no intentions of that fact changing. I know for some women it can, and has, and that’s awesome. But really. My two furry four legged cats and one pup is enough. That being said, I give parents mad credit. It can’t be an easy thing and when I look around at people my age with kids, I can’t help but admire how put together they are.

They may be put together, you know where you will find me though, loading up at the drug store with the fear of God in my eyes.





  1. My sister had the same issue! and it’s weird when she’s worried when she doesn’t see anyone. The soup sounds comforting :) I can have this for dinner everyday :)

  2. That soup looks so very comforting.
    And if it’s any comfort to you, I used to be that way about pregnancy…. maybe not that paranoid :) But I got over it and am happy mothering my brother’s kids to death and my furry ones. :D

  3. I am more afraid of the ripping and tearing of the lady parts. And the pain. and not being able to take naps. I mean!?! ;)

    Totally posting IWS this week, although my recipes are not NEARLY as beautifuls as yours, friend.

  4. I was just telling hubs how I wished there were Italian wedding soup in the crop this weekend and he agreed. Must make again soon!

    If you don’t want your own kids – maybe you can just be a super aunt? You get to spoil them and play with them, leaving all of the bad stuff for the parents. :)

  5. I sometimes look at my kids and wonder if I was really parenting material to begin with. I can tell you that adopting four was a lot easier on my body than having 1. I was a nervous wreck for all 9 months! ‘nuf said.

    Your soup looks wonderful. Italian Wedding Soup has long been one of my favs.

  6. oh my gosh-I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! I promise its not that bad though :) that soup looks amazing!!! like I want to drop everything I’m doing right now and go make it amazing! nice job!

  7. what a perfect soup, Kita! and also, fear is what keeps us alive!
    that being said, if the day ever comes I think you would make a great mom!

  8. I am the same way! Every time my period is late (which is every time), I get super paranoid. And not just because I’m young (in my opinion too young to have kids) but because the thought of having kids freaks me out. I am so glad I’m not the only one. I can appreciate kids if they aren’t mine and are in a good mood, but as soon as they start crying– I’m out of there.

  9. I feel the same way you do, except about having a second child. I just don’t think I love my son and love being his Mama, but another one? We’re pretty stocked up, too. Thanks for the shoutout on the soup and I’m so glad y’all liked it! :D

  10. okay – that should read: “I just don’t think I can handle it (as in a 2nd baby). I love my son and love being his Mama, but another one? ”

    Boy didn’t I make myself look like mother of the year?

  11. Oh, I love this soup!!! I need to try it with chicken meatballs and ditalini next time. As someone who got pregnant almost instantly after getting married, I never had any fears! My fears now are for my children not to have children too soon!!!

  12. You are not alone. The thought of having children freaks me out a bit as well. I talked to my dad about this and he said that I’m too young to want children – but I wonder if that will ever change?

  13. Haha! I want to be a parent someday but I’m not ready YET so I can still relate :) It’s definitely a big step, and not for everyone! But this soup, however, is definitely for everyone… I used to make Italian Wedding Soup in college for my roommate, using a recipe from HOME EC (ha!). I think I like yours better though, the one I used had beef. This looks delish Kita!

  14. You are hilarious! Parenting is tough, and it used to scare the crap out of me! But just like the rest of life, you figure it out and move one. Well not really move in, since they are with your for life, but you know what I mean! I never used to want kids, but then I got married and after a couple of years I did. So who knows!!

  15. It freaks me out too, but I definitely want kids. But, I have friends that feel the same is you! Who knows what the future will bring though!

    I love this soup. I love ordering Italian wedding soup, but I have never tried making it myself! This must change!

  16. LOL! I suspect you are not the only one who fears it. If it’s not for you – it’s not. I’m glad you’re content and you realize it! …and you’re a hoot! The soup looks delish!

  17. Haha, nice! I certainly don’t want to be pregnant anytime soon (as in, ever), and since I am married to a woman, my panic is very subdued.
    The soup looks fantastic!

  18. Ha! I used to clean a church and I think I found pregnancy tests in the trash every week. Wth?

  19. lol, i just love your blog! that soup looks delicious :)

  20. You are not alone! While I don’t rush off and buy tests, I run home and want to overdose on my birth control every time a pregnancy is announced to me. I swear they have to be contagious. Don’t drink the water!

    It’s also refreshing to not the only woman who knows she doesn’t want to be a mother. I get so much “oh, you’ll change your mind” but the older I get, the less I can handle kids.

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