Cinnabon rolls

It’s cooling off outside and I am loving it. I have a long sleeve shirt on and am cozy – now by typing this that means tomorrow will be back in the 90s with a billion degrees humidity and humans will melt when they make a connection with asphalt. Today, though, I will enjoy it. :)


Is there a better way to start the day then with warm delicious cinnamon buns? Yes – sleeping in. However, that wasn’t an option as I needed to open my shop so I figured I would get up early and have these ready to take in for my customers (I know this sounds sweet, but its pretty much my standard ‘get the sweet fattening calorie laden baked goods out of my house’ procedure 😉 ).




Why I even made cinnamon buns, I’m not really sure. I don’t like to eat breakfast and if I do – sweet things seem to just weigh me down. I did it though, and they were good – heavy, sweet, and breakfasty as well so they weren’t exactly my cup of tea in the morning, but everyone else appreciated them. If I could afford steak for breakfast I would probably be more into the whole thing. Until then, I’ll try to keep my meals until after 12pm.


If you are a fan of the breakfasty type things, these were awesome cinnamon buns and really not hard to make at all other then having the time for the prep work. Sure, you could always fall back to the Doughboy, but homemade is always better.


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    First of all I know exactly what you mean with the cool weather. I live in Houston so yesterday I was wearing long sleeves too and it was only like 79 degrees which is COOL for us but today it is expected to be back in the 90s:)

    I am not even kidding I must try this recipe soon. It sounds so easy and yummy. I have so many cinnamon roll recipes that I am adding this to the book! I am visitng from your Spot group in SITSgirls. Hope you have a great day. I love your site and will be visiting often. also a follower! Come and check out my giveaways and sites if you get the chance! XOXO Jessica

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    James loves cinnamon rolls, so I make them once in a while, but I’m with you — they’re too much, and too sweet, to have first thing in the morning.


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