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Another year sneaks up on me

This week is my birthday week and, as usual I am preparing for my b-day party. This year I cut the invites by half and don’t have the budget that I would normally have, so its burgers and hot dogs. Nothing too exciting, but hopefully things work out. Some friends are bringing food too to …

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4th of July Throwdown

There’s something cute and charming about sitting around watching fireworks and relaxing. Unfortunately, that is not on my agenda for this year… The parents are hosting a shindig in the backyard for the 4th of July. Because, pre-made beef burgers and hot dogs are not even an option with my family at these kinds of …

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Under Construction

Pass the Sushi is under construction. This is a temporary look until I figure out exactly what I want to do with the look. I am debating whether to stick with the original look and just clean up the code a lot or turn the whole thing around. I’m a girl, its my prerogative to …

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