Slow Cooker Tarragon Chicken

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The big boxy, low priced, convenient, and oh so guilt inducing Walmart….

There is a big giant super Walmart a few minutes from my front door and I hate it. I fell into the Walmart trap and found myself going there often for things. The produce was decent and so inexpensive. The dry goods and canned foods were unbeatable. The cream cheese was priced to make me do a happy dance in public. But, I have never been one to like shopping at a Walmart. Something about it just made me feel guilty. Was my purchase of 47¢ black beans robbing a local mom and pop shop of health care? Does that cheap toothpaste shrink a local farmers dinner plate? ‘ employ a lot of people, but do they put other local shops out of business? The guilt gets to be so much.

The more I get into food the more I need to pinch my pennies but become more conscious of the purchases I make. Better ingredients really isn’t a joke. Problem was I didn’t have a local market to fit my needs and the local stands are hit and miss. There are three grocery stores withing 2 miles from my house. One is just sad. The produce section is so tiny you could walk right past it. Bananas…That’s it? The meat doesn’t look fresh and there’s really not much variety. The second had moldy ginger… and no one cared. Their prices are obscene and they don’t carry what I consider common staples for an every day cook. To top it off, the employees just don’t care. I get that, but it can be really annoying when you need to tell someone that the ginger had mold. At least Walmart’s ginger wasn’t moldy.

Recently I got lucky and discovered another market just around the bend, and to take a line from Goldilocks, it seems to be just right. The store is cleaned, well stocked, the staff personable. I find myself driving past all of the others and willing to spend the extra bit, and push comes to shove, I really don’t feel like I’m spending that much more. I still occasionally find myself thinking, I bet this would be cheaper at Walmart, but I’m working on it.

Weening myself off the need for cheap, making moolah compromises and enjoying my trips to the market a little more.



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    Glad you found a local store to support! It might be a few cents more, but its employees probably are also being compensated more fairly. This chicken is oooooooo ooooooo good. What flavors – bet the house smells good!

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    I searched everywhere for tarragon last week! It’s nowhere to be found around here! Alas, I did not check Walmart. I’m sure they have it.

    I stay away from Walmart for the most part but honestly? They seem to have all the “weird” things that other stores don’t, like fresh tarragon.

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    I hear you regarding Walmart. We, too, try to stay away as much as possible. Now, this Chicken Tarragon looks incredibly delicious! I love the intensity of tarragon!

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    I refuse to go to walmart unless I absolutely have to. They’re dirty and smell up here. I’m not even remotely kidding. I feel gross when I leave there. Thankfully for the everything store – there are a few Targets in the area that have small grocery selections.

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    I don’t enjoy shopping at Walmart simply because the store near mean has incredibly unhelpful and uncaring workers. I have a hard time finding some things, and when I ask for help they say they have never heard of such a thing (and it won’t even be anything that uncommon) and don’t carry it. I of course end up spending an hour scouring every shelf in every aisle and eventually find it. I had to resist the urge to hunt down the person who told me they don’t have it to show them they in fact do. I usually go to the Kroger on the way home from the gym because it has a better produce section than the Kroger closer to my apartment. But at the same time have noticed that some things are cheaper at Target but their produce and meat section is very minimal. Ah!!! Where is Wegmans when I need them? #missingRochesterNY

    Anyway enough with my rant… one of these days I will not be working 12 hour days and will remember to take out my slow cooker to make this.

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    This looks fantastic – and makes me want a slow cooker once more. This must be the most tender chicken ever!
    I agree on the quality of ingredients. I am a devout coupon clipper and love to save money, but sometimes it’s just not worth trying to save money by sacrificing flavor.

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    I’m scared to ever move from where I live because I have such great local markets. If 1 store doesn’t have _____, then a store 1 block down will. With my recent crockpot obsession, I MUST make this recipe!

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    This looks great and perfect for spring! I made something like this in the summer with corn and poblano peppers, and have been looking for a winter or spring version of braised chicken.

    Also, congrats on finding a new store! I looooaaathe Wal-Mart and haven’t set foot in one since I was stranded and needed tire chains years ago, but it’s a big privilege to have other options–I’m thankful I have them.

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