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Beginners Whole Smoked Chicken

Beginners Whole Smoked Chicken

Smoked chicken is so tender and full of flavor that you might be too busy eating it to bother with making or eating anything else!

My father likes new and shiny things. When things no longer shine (or one comes along with shinier buttons), he wants new ‘shinies’. This is a good thing and a bad thing for me. It makes the man a royal pain to shop for. He wants it – he owns it. However, it means that next summer I get a ‘new’ grill and that just recently we got a ‘new’ smoker. A year old and a little used, yeah, that’s still new to me.

Today I made a whole smoked chicken (my first ever anything smoked) and already my head is filled with ideas of what I can do with this new baby. I figured start small (and cheap) in case it was a total bust, so a 6 lb chicken it was. I named it Todd, which is kind of something my family has always done. Apparently, naming your poultry is not normal according to Handsome. Who’da guessed?

I served Todd with baked beans and tortellini pasta salad.

Whole Smoked Chicken | Recipe from

Have you ever made smoked chicken, or any other smoked meat?

I’d love to hear about what you’ve made.


Perhaps I should stick to smoked chicken, because I made another attempt at Alton Brown’s angel food cake today and it fell flat again.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It seems that the top (which would be the bottom once flipped) is cooking properly but the bottom is not. It comes out thick and dense – not light and fluffy at all.

My thoughts of where I am going wrong are: I am a novice at creating peaks from egg whites, so maybe I am not doing that right? Handsome’s hand mixer has one speed – furious. There is no general mixing with it so maybe it’s too aggressive with the egg whites? And the stove did require a new element this year and does run hotter then the temperature settings, so maybe that’s it. Either way. No freakin clue what’s wrong. Grr.

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