Red Velvet Chip Cookies

This post is an ode to red. I have a love for the color red that is about as annoying as those girls that draw hearts instead of dots over their I’s. If there is a color option for red you can pretty much assume I own it.

So, the other day when picking colors for the kitchen, no one was surprised when “Country Door” (a dark shade of red) was chosen, except for me. The color swatch is a dark red, with a brown hue. A color I would put in the rustic burgundy category if there were one – all good, right? Here comes the surprise part, the color that ended up on the walls wasn’t rustic at all. With the first few brush strokes I was actually in panic. The color looked like a cheap horror flick blood smear.

Now that it is 3 coats deep and dry the color has deepened and grown on me. It’s still not what I would call rusting, as it has a bit more vibrancy then that, but it isn’t an overly in your face red either. When the cabinets get painted white the whole thing will look rather sophisticated (look at us getting all fancy).


I can say I have never been so excited to clean as I was when the painting was done. I couldn’t put things back in their place and scrub things down quick enough. The room is really coming along and I can finally start to get excited about the little things (like how I now want a chalk board on the wall – if you give a mouse a cookie…).


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