Pumpkin Pie Martini

Things have been crazy at the homestead with a lack of internet for over 9 days now. I have to come in to work early and leave late to try to keep things up and running here and the guilt of not commenting on other blogs is driving me a little batty. Ok, that one made me sound crazy. However, Handsome and I have been catching up on some reading and some movies and the house is spotless so I guess there’s some good coming of it. I feel trivial complaining about a lack of the internet when there are much bigger things out there in the world, but it is one of the luxuries in life that I will admit, I enjoy.




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    I saw that liquor at the store and thought about buying it but was afraid it would be just another of those nasty cheap Baileys style wanna be’s. NOW however, looking at this drink, I sooooo have to try it! This looks delicious!

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    I adore that pumpkin pie liquor! I hate to admit how many bottles we have consumed since Halloween. Fabulous 1:1 with vodka as well, or straight up on ice.

    I love the recipe you have shared! Sounds great!

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    I know this post is forever old, but I just saw it on pinterest and got all excited… So in May I was on a mini vacay and went to the grocery and found this exact pumpkin booze on sale for like $5 a bottle. I bought 2. This stuff is seriously good, like, too good!

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    Love it! Fultons Harvest is so new, good to see some of the exciting new recipes that folks come up with! Cannot wait to see more this year, we’ll be checking back more often.


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