Not Your Same Old Green Bean Casserole

My family is one of those traditional ones as far as Thanksgiving goes. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. I got a look as though I was questioning the existence of Santa when I suggested a cranberry sage stuffing as opposed to our very traditional (normal) stuffing.

However, for fear of be voted out of the kitchen, I am bringing a new green bean casserole to Thanksgiving this year. I wasn’t asked to, and am risking exile to the porch with my new casserole – but I’m bringing it – because it’s that good.



Fresh crunchy green beans in a cream sauce? Heaven. Seriously, I may be in love with the Pioneer Woman (yeah, that doesn’t make me sound creepy at all).

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  1. Tanya says

    This looks so good, if I had not just went to the store again I would make these instead of the traditional ones. I love the pioneer woman too! I especially love her blog with her photo’s of her handsome rugged husband and all her animals! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. says

    Looks lovely. I like the addition of cheese and hint of cayenne. I don’t think I could pry the container of french fried onions from my husband’s hand when it comes to green bean casserole though. 😉

    • Kita says

      On the Pioneer Woman’s website she mentions that you could top this with the fried onions if you wanted. We were having a ‘traditional’ green bean casserole, so I stuck with the panko. Even my step-mom who loves traditional enjoyed this one. :)


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