Capt’n Crunch Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Captain Crunch Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from
Things Ive learned recently:

You aren’t supposed to wear underbritches under riding gear. Seriously, no one told me. How was I supposed to know. Someone tried to justify that with ‘if it comes with built in anything you don’t need to’. Um really? Cuz those tanks with built in bras simply do not work for me.

Decided that this is the time to start changing your life is terribly empowering. About an hour later, its absolutely terrifying because you stop day dreaming and start realizing just exactly how much work that is going to be. And how costly. Why does being an adult cost so much money?

I don’t feel old as the years pass. But oh mm gee. My sister just turned 30 and I feel OLD. Luckily, I’m the baby sister. (Sorry, A). 😉

Drinking coffee will make your pee smell. Really, someone should warn you about this, cuz that is rather terrifying the first time you have this happen. Same for asparagus. And beets. Along with anything that could make your pee change color. That should all come with a giant warning label.

Ok, now that that bit of randomness is over, me and the Capt’n are gunna make it happen!


Captain Crunch Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from

Captain Crunch Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from

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  1. says

    Your things you have learned totally made me smile! Great way to start the morning!
    Also, this giant bowl of ice cream/cereal would be and even better way to start the morning! I love that not only is there cereal in the ice cream, but for the photos you actually put the ice cream on top of the cereal! Yes, please. I want it all!

  2. says

    Ha ha!! Underbritches…too funny. And I guess if coffee makes my pee smell then I need to start getting the coconut creme flavored creamer LOL…Then it would smell so tropical. Ok, TMI. But this ice cream has got my head spinning!! I want a HUGE bowl please!

  3. says

    I don’t know. It may be built in, but the thought of sweating as much as I do when I exercise and having nothing between me and shorts that the whole world can see? Nah, not going there. And, keeping along the same line, yeah, I have noticed that my pee smells….odd after coffee, especially with how strong I like mine. Sometimes it reminds me of Cheerios (ok, now I hope no one reads this…ever).

    Sooooo, Cap’n Crunch, favorite cereal ever. Turning it into ice cream is genius.

  4. says

    Hey, I didn’t know that you aren’t supposed to wear undies under riding gear either … Now I know! Btw,Capt’n Crunch Ice Cream is Genius!

  5. says

    It still freaks me out a little every time my pee smells after I eat asparagus. It’s like somehow I forgot in between eating it every time :) Anyway, I am totally in love with this ice cream! I haven’t had cap’n crunch in way, way too long…

  6. says

    Oh GREAT! That’s all I need. Another thing to do with Captn Crunch! I love that stuff. And you crack me up. I think as far as sports gear and exercise clothes, they should come with instructions. Truly.

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