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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Treats || PasstheSushi.com

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Treats

Because some of us aren't ready to give up flip flops and iced lattes. Because some of us don't want the pumpkin take over quite yet. And because I know at least one person in the room is not ready for Christmas themed pins. Yeah, that's right. In a world where all things caramel pumpkin apple cinnamon spiced are taking over, I'm standing my ground. And these little krispie treats are standing there with me. Sure, we may be over looked at first rush of the cookie aisle for those new pumpkin cream cheese bites. Yeah, you may rush right past us in your knee high boots and scarf. Ignore us as you splurge on the crisp harvest of apple cider doughnuts. We'll be here when you are ready for us. In a few weeks when we have months of hard winter ahead and you are breaking in your second pair of booties and tossing on that not just for fashion outer layer, we will be here. Because these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Treats aren't just for one season or another. They are snack for all … [Read More...]


Looking for new foodies to follow? Look no further!

Some of the best friends you meet can be miles away, and that doesn't matter. Today I am breaking from the norm to introduce you to some new foodie friends. Join us on this culinary tour and let me introduce you to my foodies to follow.  The other day my friend, Christiane of The Mom Chef, linked to me in an online blog tour where you introduce … [Read More...]

Fluffernutter Pie from PasstheSushi.com

Fluffernutter Pie

There's a little something about peanut butter and fluff that really hits the spot. Something I had forgotten as an adult with the weight and worry of the world sitting on my shoulders. Something that a spoon full of that sticky fun delicious marshmallow creme reminded me of in an instant. There was nothing like the after school or late night snack … [Read More...]

Crispy Oven Baked French Fries

What goes with the perfect char-grilled piece of meat as good as crispy perfect fries? The problem is, how do you get those perfect fries at home? I have tried over and over again with my big pot of heavy oil and bags and bags of various brands and hand cut fries trying to get that Five-Guys crunch. I have finally found the solution. And the … [Read More...]

The Only Sangria Recipe You’ll Ever Need

There's something about sangria.... It's sweet, it's mature, and it will get you stone cold drunk faster than you can imagine if you aren't careful (be cool, sip it slow). This particular one is a classic red, with mounds of fresh produce, and a secret little hidden gem - vanilla brandied cherries... oh, and a little extra of that infused brandy as … [Read More...]

Salad Lovin’

Angel Hair Pasta Salad with Corn and Chorizo for Pass the Cook Book Club

Summer Angel Hair Pasta Salad with Corn and Chorizo | PasstheSushi.com

Someone should warn you that as you get older, time speeds up. I am pretty sure I am still flexing my pasta rolling arms in satisfaction and it's already time for the May round of Pass the Cook Book Club. What's that, you ask. Oh, just a totally chill group on facebook where we pick a book and some recipes then all give them a try on the same date. … [Read More...]

Peil de Sandia aka Pickled Watermelon Rind

Pickled Watermelon Rind for Salads \ PasstheSushi.com

Food lets us travel and explore places that we may never actually get to experience. Culture is so deeply rooted in flavor and food that there is so much we can enjoy about a far off place just by taking the time in our own homes to adventure with a recipe or two. This is another recipe from the beautiful collection featured in  Charcutería: The … [Read More...]

Tortellini Pasta Salad


So, as far as food blogs go, I'm kind of missing the mark lately. I didn't realize some kids had already returned to school and looking at my Pinterest feed you all are well into Halloween planning and I'm over here still pulling together summer barbecue and ice cream posts. Oops. If summer flew by for me, how do you guys with kids do it?! I mean … [Read More...]

Watermelon Salad with a Balsamic Reduction

Watermelon Salad from PasstheSushi.com

I feel like I haven't been cooking as much this summer, when I think the truth is, I just have gotten way to used to cooking as much as I do and it doesn't feel like as much. The other day I knocked out three different cupcakes and icing and realized it didn't take all day and wasn't that big a deal. I remember when piping icing used to be huge … [Read More...]

Date Night Dinners

Burgundy Beef


How many of you tuned in for the Oscars? Did you throw big parties or just sit back with classy treats and enjoy Hollywood's tribute to the movies this year? I'm not one to watch awards shows. I don't watch enough TV or many new movies so they are rather lost on me. But I can't help but get caught up in the roar of twitter, internet and old … [Read More...]

Thin-Crust Skillet Pizza for Two


Cooking for two is tough. Stupid tough. Everything is packaged either too big or too small. I feel like Goldilocks. Don't get me wrong, we eat like champs around here and I'm not looking to make everything with tiny portions, but some nights we just need something for the two of us that doesn't leave us dreading leftovers for the next few … [Read More...]

Pesto Tortellini Gratin


  Who needs reality TV - if you could follow Handsome and I around on a mundane Tuesday night, you would never slump to the lows of the Jersey Shore ever again. I promise. See, we are a sippy cup kind of special. You won't hear us having thought provoking conversation that would eventually lead to the cure for cancer. No sweet poems would pass … [Read More...]

Thai Chicken with Basil


Thai is one of those cuisines that I love to have, if I'm not the one cooking it. The subtle flavors have a way of knocking my socks off with their clean and crisp tastes. Every individual component is often recognized and acknowledged in a dish, in a was that works out a perfect balance. Slowly, I am becoming more familiar with ingredients in … [Read More...]