Daily Bites

Strawberry Layer Cake

A light fresh cake filled with fresh sliced strawberries and a classic whipped cream frosting. This one is tried and true... and you probably need it in your kitchen right away!  There's something about the promise of warmer weather, sunshine, and longer days. There's something that makes me feel … [Read More...]

Chocolate Twix Crunch Bars

Chances are you have some extra candy hidden around the house that you need to use up (or with a holiday approaching, are about to). Why not turn it into something new to nibble on and make these fun easy chocolate Twix crunch bars! Best part? You can customize them to whatever you happen to have laying … [Read More...]

Irish Eyes Cocktail

The thing about a great cocktail is that it should be easy. Real easy. A few simple ingredients in a shaker and strain. Perfect after dinner cocktail. And this particular one is just in time for St. Patrick's Day. With a touch of mint and some smooth Irish Whiskey this cocktail can take the place of dessert … [Read More...]

Classic Baklava

Let's talk social etiquette. With all this new technology and the world being faster and more connected than ever, it's fair to say that it's just not the same as it used to be. Nothing is the same. We are able to form friendships across oceans over night, stay in contact, and keep up to date itineraries with … [Read More...]

Skinny Stuffed Shells

Sweater season is coming to a close... or at least I am telling myself that. But there are some comforts I am never giving up. And this version of stuffed shells on the skinny let's me have my joy and eat it too. There's something about homemade food. It's just better. Some nights its easier to grab … [Read More...]


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