Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles

Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles from

Earlier this summer I pulled/torn/hurt/something my groin. Not fun. I don’t recommend trying it because, although it sounds funny, your groin is this mass of interconnected core muscles that you use for everything. So, finally, after 8 weeks of a slow improvement and no running, I started seeing a chiropractor to maybe help. Sure, a chiropractor is not going to heal a torn muscle, I know that. But, as this is my first time seeing a chiropractor for anything, I can kind of say they are the boom shiznit. She pops, cracks, pulls, and stretches me. What makes this story […]

Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles


Last week at Big Summer Pot Luck the topic of jealousy was brought up. How sometimes we cdan see another blog, a more successful person, a cuter house,  or a perfect kitchen and that sometimes we can become jealous of these things. For me, I am jealous of those cute couples that work together in the kitchen. You know the ones that always have the amazing how to photos while one person cooks and the other snaps away. I will never have cute how to pictures featuring me in an apron for two reasons. One, my boyfriend still thinks it’s […]

Waffle Pizzas and Celebrating My 200th Decline


Two years of ‘blogging’, 532 posts, and today we are classic up the joint with these waffle pizzas and celebrating my 200th decline from Foodgawker! Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie and others are sites worth drooling over if you are looking for inspiration or just looking. They update a large selection of new recipe posts daily linking back to original recipes from bloggers like myself. Needless to say, I felt that 200 declined posts was a pretty monumental event in my food blogging career. Grab your party hats and kazoos so we can get party started. Recently Declined:     Now, I am […]

Oatmeal-Honey Waffles


Sometimes dawn seems overwhelmingly bright even though it creeps up on us slowly. The chirp of birds warns us its coming, as as traffic picks up and the light shines in, I can recall my mother coming in and throwing back the curtains while saying, “Birds are singing, sun’s shining! You’re burning daylight!” It was her wake up call every morning and I can’t even begin to explain how much it pissed me off. Whether by design or programming, I am not a social person in the morning. I wake up and want a solid hour to myself before I have to have any […]

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches


Alright, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s hot out. But you share a space on this wonderful planet with me and already know that. In case you had a moment to forget about it seems to be all the news cares to talk about at the moment and Facebook is filled with posts updating me on the status of Mother Nature. Guess what guys, she’s still PMSing so lets move on. Time to whip out the old slip and slide and embrace things. You can even be real classy and run down to the Walmarts pick yourself up a […]

Blueberry Sour Cream Waffles for When Gerard Butler Visits


I’m sure I had an awesome post that was on topic and related to today’s recipe planned but then I looked up at the boobtube and Daniel Craig was on the screen. Now there’s something worth writing about. At my place of work we have a list called our “Free Five” and it’s exactly what it sounds like – given the right conditions these are the five people you would like to… snuggle with and have no horrible consequences. Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, Clive Owen… (I may have a thing for accents?). Yeah, that’s my 5 […]

Waffle House Cheddar Waffles with Kielbasa in Maple Syrup


I’m not a breakfast person. I think it’s because I don’t wake up hungry and by the time my stomach kicks in it wants something with a bite. Something meaty, savory and preferably still bleeding. A bite from last nights burger, that cold soggy bun with the cheese stuck to it and the meat still pink in the center – yeah, that’s what fuels me in the morning. I never liked Chex or Cheeries. I didn’t want to be like Mike and mornings only make my Wheaties angry. And did I mention I don’t eat eggs. They are just weird. […]

Buttermilk Ricotta Waffles


My IT guy just told be my tower needs a viking funeral – at least for what I need to do on it. This is really harshing my mellow today as I don’t have the ability to just go out and pick out a new tower. It was a good tower though, lasted several long years, 5 moves and 2 hard drives. It is still good for day to day internet surfing but not programming or the things I need it to do.   I know that computers aren’t forever but doesn’t it really stink when you have to get […]