Strawberry Basil Gelato for Pass the Cook Book Club

Strawberry Basil Gelato from
Here’s a little something from your childhood that grew up just in time to save your taste buds from another happy hour disappointment at the local Sonic. (Maybe that’s just my local Sonic). And it’s another month of the Pass the Cook Book Club. My little club is finding it’s feet – and I’m finding I need to be a little more organized. But in the end, sharing recipes together is a blast! I’m always curious to see what others are making (and nosy so that I pick something yummy). All the other group members are great and I am really enjoying reading and seeing what everyone else makes. Some people have blogs and post about the recipes, some people don’t and just share them on the group page. It’s really all just about having fun and trying something new at this point.

As for this gelato… All I can say is try it. Our tiny human brains can’t process how epic the flavors will be until you actually take that first bite. And it’s just you, a big batch of gelato, and a spoon after that.
Strawberry Basil Gelato from
To read more about how the cook book club works, read this post. To join the club, click for our facebook group here. Remember, you don’t need a blog – you just need to want to cook!

Go on! Check us out!

Strawberry Basil Gelato from PasstheSushi.comStrawberry Basil Gelato from
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  1. So funny, I was JUST thinking of making a strawberry basil ice cream flavor… but I never thought to add preserves OR liqueur to it. LOVE that!!!

    • The preserves I think went a long way. The splash of liquor you wont ever taste, but it keeps things creamy.

  2. So god looking! I amin love with this!

  3. This sounds so heavenly! Look at those REAL strawberry chunks!

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. I need to head out to our strawberry patch down the road a ways. I love the fact that there are strawberry pieces all over the place in your gelato. I think that’s a first but I love the idea.

  5. Kita, another awesome month! I’m so not a frozen dessert fan, but I’m already contemplating making the Margarita Pie again. LOVED it! And with all the recommendations for this strawberry creation, this beauty is high on my list as well. Thanks for putting the club together, though it’s increasing my cookbook costs (I couldn’t resist and had to buy this book…!).

  6. I so wanted to make this!! My husband was against the basil, so I went with the pie instead. Someday I sill sneak it by him!

  7. This looks amazing!!! So mouth watering with all the pieces of strawberries! This is next on my list and I can’t wait to go strawberry picking. Thanks for the great selections this month :)

  8. your gelato is making me want to get the ice cream maker right now!

  9. Awesome idea for a blog group – I have way too many cookbooks that I fail to break into too! This gelato looks amazing, yum! :)

  10. My favorite part is seeing others twist on the same recipe and how they do the photos. Love this gelato!

  11. Kita, that looks fabulous! I have yet to dig out my gelato maker this season, but I will eventually. Then, this will be on the list to make.

  12. Homemade gelato – I am soooo impressed!

  13. Well I guess I am going to be giving a cookbook from Amazon a nice new home. I love the idea of strawberry and basil together, and I love how you photographed it.

  14. Your photos are amazing and the gelato looks so delicious! I’m looking forward to trying the other two recipes in the future… they are some great finds!

  15. This gelato looks amazing and I love the combination of strawberries and Basil.
    It’s screaming summer.
    Just discovered your blog and love the recipes and pictures.
    Great stuff :)

  16. You should see my basil I am growing. I was torn between this recipe and the Margarita pie. Honestly the deciding vote was the many limes sitting leftover on my counter from my beverages I made for my blog:-) Soooooo that means I must make this lovely recipe! Your gelato looks wonderful! I am glad to hear this group is growing, I really love being a part of the group! Hugs, Terra

  17. This is gorgeous! I bet it tastes divine, gelato is my favorite :)

  18. I loved this months cookbook! Of course I’ve loved all of them so far haha but this is perfect for the season.

  19. I don’t know why I always leave your blog hungry… oh wait, it’s because everything I see on here is AMAZING! Hope all is well girl!

  20. Oh my… This is too amazing!!!


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