Slow Cooker Super Easy Big-Batch Chili

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some snow. It was an unseasonably warm December in my neck of the woods, which may be why I never got in my normal holiday mood (how do you people in the south get into the holiday spirit???), but now it’s just starting to dip its toes into the cold stuff. If only we could add a little snow, I’d be satisfied. I know it goes against the whole ‘I love my job’ bit, but I could even use a few cozy snow days to decompress.

Since the glee of tunneling through the snow of childhood faded and I had to start shoveling my car out of the heavy stuff, I’ve never been much of a snow person. Let’s not even talk about how people start to drive like maniacs the moment a flurry hits their dashboard. But this year I would like to be. I want to spend a bit of time romping through it with the dog, who loves the stuff, building a snow man or maybe even driving to the mountains and trying on a pair of skis for the first time. I bought snow pants last year and it was spring before I knew it. I used to ice skate, how hard can skiing be? (Said by someone who bruises very easily).

So while I hunker down and hope for some winter weather that the forecast is not predicting any time soon, I can’t help but drool over this perfect cold weather meal. My favorite hearty chili. I’m giving you this recipe right from the book, and not telling you what I do to tweak it. I know there will be some hate mail, but chili is all about those personal tweaks, so take it and make it your own.

Oh, did I mention this was super simple?


  1. I miss real snow!! Now it’s just cold…no snow, just cold – not fun! This big batch is absolutely perfect for these face-freezing days.

  2. After the temps got down to the 20s last night here in FL, I have changed my mind about wanting snow. We just couldn’t take it here. As it is, I have a casserole in the oven for breakfast and the dryer running with laundry I started at 6:30 am to heat up the house!! The chili looks like just the ticket for a cold day.

  3. I want snow, too!!!! Love chili this time of year…

  4. The cold might be easier to handle if there were at least flurries to go along with it. I’m all set with a winter like last year though. Not again thanks. :)

  5. Absolutely amazing recipe, and photos are as always so tempting and beautiful! Very well done, and Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

  6. Nothing like chili when there is snow on the ground and you’ve been out snow shoeing or skiing. That and an ice cold beer in front of the fire is FANTASTIC! Making this recipe soon, only thing i am going to do is make it with some venison chop meat. I recently stumbled across this blog looking for a venison recipe and I have been hooked ever since. Keep these great recipes coming!

  7. I was lacking a lot of holiday spirit before I left Memphis for the holidays. The warmer weather really does prevent it! But then again I grew up in Rochester, NY so I’m still just not used to it being warm-ish this time of year. Still didn’t have any snow while I was back home though :-(.

    Love that this chili was made in a slow cooker. I’ve thought about making my chili recipe in there before but wondered how it would work out.

  8. I only ever make chili in enormous batches… it just doesn’t make sense to do otherwise, considering it doesn’t take much longer to make a double-sized batch, and the leftovers freeze beautifully. :) Love the idea of making it even easier by using a slow-cooker… sounds perfect for a lazy weekend.

  9. This chili would be perfect for a cold and snowy day! I love the snow but wish we got snow days as adults:-)

  10. My Hubby and I were just talking yesterday about making chili. We do not have snow yet, but chili sounds good. Love your photos!

  11. Oh yum! What a great bowl of chili! This CO winter thing is strange to me. We got 8 inches of snow a couple days before Christmas, but it is all gone and has been in the 50’s for the last few days.

  12. Dang, I really need to get myself a slow cooker already! Though I only cook for two, so I’m not sure how big a batch would make sense, haha. Looks like a wonderfully hearty, warming chili!

    • I only cook for two as well, but this is one of those worth it meals. It also makes great quick meals later when I don’t want to cook. Since its stocked in the freezer, I can just pull it out when needed. :)

  13. I want snow too!! In the worst way…I am a snowboarder so this 50 degree weather we have been having HAS TO GO! I hate it haha

    This chili does look super easy, I dunno where I might have gotten that idea from ;-)

  14. It is DEFINITELY chili season here. Freezing! This looks great.

  15. i love making huge batches of chili and soup too. This one looks so hearty and delicious!

  16. I’m with you, let’s have some SNOW! C’MON! :) I have everything I need for this chili so I can make it when it does. Love the chili and those bowls!

  17. Nice find…. Southern Living isn’t in my magazine rotation so thanks for sharing it.. Great pics as well.

  18. I realize the recipe states to use a six quart or larger crock pot; however, what is the actual yield?

    • A ton. I have never measured it out because we always freeze batches for later. I have had hungry 6 people over for dinner with this recipe and everyone left with hefty size to go portions as well. This is a feed the football team sort of meal.

  19. This is in my crockpot now, I figure next week the leftovers will give us a break from being turkeyed to death but with 2 teenage boy chiliholics in the house I don’t know… The only changes I made were to use half the ground beef called for, it makes it more economical and I’m glad I did, usually my crock pot is big enough to handle anything I put in it but it’s filled to the brim. There was only room for one large onion and I reduced the chili powder, I’m not used to making giant batches of food but it looked like an awful lot. In a little while I’ll taste it and add more if needed. Now comes the hard part, waiting all day to eat it while the house smells so good!

  20. I just made this recipe for my son’s first birthday party and it turned out great!! If anyone is wondering how many people it feeds we had about 25 people there, and the only changes I made were I added an extra can of tomatoes and some more spice, only cause my chili powder was a little old and blah. Lol but I got a lot of complements. Thank you for posting this. I’m just a little disappointed there were no leftovers.

    • It does stink that there are no leftovers! I love this recipe because I know I don’t have to cook for a few days ;D

  21. This recipe is the closest to the way Mom used to make chili that I’ve seen anywhere, and she made the best chili ever (naturally). Thanks for this. I’m going to make some today, and keep those six cans of chili I have in he cupboard on hold for emergencies!


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