{Not so} Hi-Hat Cupcakes

If you are anything at all like me, you are still trying to gather your pumpkins and figure out what your costume will be for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Yeah, I am the master and commander of having my stuff together. I may not have carved a pumpkin yet, but I can toss you some awesome Halloween themed recipes and posts.

Candy Corn CordialsPumpkin Cheesecake
Halloween Sugar Cookies
Butterfinger Caramel Apples
DIY: Lace Pumpkin
Halloween Popcorn
Twizzler- Tini

Hi-Hats are supposed to be just that, HIGH. But, I was already dead set on this recipe before I realized I don’t own a hand mixer, and there was no was I was whisking those stiff peaks into life by hand. I whisked over heat for a while then transferred the mixture to my stand mixer with the whisk attachment. This did not result in the lasting volume that the cupcakes require and where I may have been tempted to whip out my hair spray to get these bad boys to stand up straight, they tasted too damn good to care!  These cupcakes will be revisited properly and re-posted for ya!


  1. Gorgeous, as always!

  2. So pretty! And I would eat these bad boys up!

  3. These are so cute!!!

  4. great post Kita :)

  5. Gorgeous cupcakes – totally perfect for Halloween!

  6. SO COOL! Wow I love all your photography too :) And the fact you have Target dollar section sparkle decorations :)

  7. I love cupcakes with just enough frosting that it doesn’t go up my nose when I take a bite. I think they’re perfect just the way they are and anything higher would result in unnecessary frosting snorting. :)

  8. These are just too cute and so festive! And yes, I am totally unprepared for Halloween and it’s coming up in less than a week!

  9. Is it weird if I want to be this cupcake for Halloween?

  10. Here’s my concern: I think you’ve been spending all of your time creating amazing food in the kitchen and then taking disgustingly gorgeous photos of that food for this blog. And while this is all lovely, you haven’t been focusing on my pumpkin carving competition. Obviously, this makes me question your priorities. So… get carving.

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