Eggnog Sugar Cookies

There is a mountain of presents in the middle of being wrapped, all the grocery shopping is done (I hope), and the stockings are all set to be hung. I’m taking a moment to unwind a minute and watch a little bit of The Santa Claus 3. I was expecting to be doing this with an additional 90 pounds of energy running about, but sadly, Gouda won’t be spending the holidays with us.

So let’s have a little holiday run down for everyone who may be interest, if not skip ahead to the recipe for the tasty sugar cookies below.

Pre-Christmas thoughts

  • I still have two presents to buy… Crap
  • Secretly, I want to see that Matt Damon film about owning  a zoo. Not sure why.
  • I have no expectations for Christmas so I am really excited about what Santa may bring me. I know, I’m like 5. No matter what I get though, it’s going to be a surprise.
  • Does all the holiday prep make you lazy when it comes to real food? I totally bought hot links for tomorrow nights supper. Classy, I know.
  • Speaking of food – The menu for Christmas day is
  • artichoke spinach dip
  • Stuffed beef tenderloin
  • Crock pot mashed potatoes
  • Steamed green beans (though, I may add a little bacon – bought it just in case)
  • Broccoli and cheese a la Green Giant. Go on judge me.
  • Rolls.


For anyone wondering, those are unicorns and gnomes in my batch of sugar cookies. If I have flying reindeer, I can have unicorns too.


And on that note, the cat has decided he fits between me and the laptop so I guess I’ll just sign off and get back to wrapping.

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  1. says

    I secretly want to see the Matt Damon movie too, LOL! You sound like you are pretty much ready for Christmas. I did very little this year, work has me traveling instead. Your cookies sound wonderful, I love the idea of adding the eggnog, YUM! Have a very Merry Christmas:-) Hugs, Terra

  2. says

    Oh, it just isn’t Christmas without iced sugar cookies! Mine may not be so finely decorated as yours, though…LOL…I need more patience :) Your dinner sounds perfect…and I hope you love all your surprises!!! Merry Christmas, Kita!!!!

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