Creole Bread Pudding with Bourbon Whiskey Sauce

I have been working on trying to create a good sight. A good food blog. I have no aspirations of becoming the next Pioneer Woman (mainly because I doubt Handsome is ever going to trade in his power drill for cowboy boots) but I do want to create something I am proud of. I have worked hard at trying to develop my photography skills because I enjoy it and want to learn more about taking a good picture. In the past year I have submitted to tastespotting, foodgawker and the likes so many times that Handsome no longer has to hear about every decline or acceptance.

That is until the other day.
While running through my normal tasks of checking my email I opened on that read,


Thank you for your submission to InsertSiteHere.ย  Unfortunately, it was not accepted on the site due to the following issues:

An Unknown Reason

If you have a question about a submission, email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.ย  We do appreciate your contributions to InsertSiteHere and look forward to more submissions from you soon.

I laughed for a solid five minutes. I will not be deleting this email any time soon, but keeping it as a reminder. I’ve always said the foodporn sites should just have “Just don’t like it” as an option (ha, they could even call it “not my taste”
to stick with the theme) when they turn down some pictures – and I am 100% ok with that – and I believe this is as close as I am ever going to get.


I’d never had bread pudding before making this recipe. I thought the flavors were great, though if I were to make it again, I would add a little more to the sauce (‘pudding”) recipe that the bread soaks in. I made mine in 2 small ramikins and an 8×8 pan and the liquid just wasn’t enough. If I had used an 9×13 as the recipe called for I am sure it would most definitely not been enough.

With that in mind, I believe (never having sampled bread pudding before) that I enjoyed the texture of the not so over soggy bread. (I was concerned when starting this recipe that I would not enjoy the ‘soggy bread’ texture I thought I was in for.)

The whiskey sauce is what makes this recipe great (duh). Don’t skimp.ย  I added about a half cup of heavy cream to my sauce to replicate a whiskey sauce I had previously made and enjoyed. I saved the whiskey sauce in a small container so that it would not sit on top of any leftover bread pudding.

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    Oh, love a good bread pudding – but never thought to do a boozy version! (Making it with pannetone or hot cross buns has been as outlandish as I’ve got up till now). I did love hearing about your photo site experiences – as a still-new blogger and very much novice photographer, I still haven’t quite got the ratio of acceptances right yet – and still relay all the yesses and noes to the Other Penguin at length – hope there’s an end in sight, if not to the declines, at least to the worrying about them!

  2. says

    Your “unknown reason” made me laugh! They definitely should have a “We just don’t like it” category. Or “We hate parsnips”, or whatever!

    I think your photos are great….and your Bread Pudding looks wonderful!

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    You know, even the most talented photographers get turned down by the foodporn sites sometimes. And we will never really know why, even when they give us a “reason”. I get some things back and I honestly can’t see what they see. It’s all subjective, even when they pretend it’s not!
    To me, your site is great and your recipes and photos are lovely. I know this bread pudding would be fab!

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    That’s hilarious! I notice I’ve been getting the same reason over and over from one site and it doesn’t always make sense (to me at least). I think you’re right and they should just say they don’t like it, but I bet that would upset some people. I’m also right with you in trying to improve my photography. Your photos here look great!

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    I actually adore whiskey sauce with bread pudding – and I agree the sauce makes the recipe. It looks sublime which is how French Toast should look. I love your photos – I am way behind on the photo-snapping part of the blog. Food porn sites do drive traffic – but I am not sure they drive sustainable traffic. I take all those sites with a grain of salt and appreciate the photography skills of others.

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    I too was pretty skeptical of bread puddings, afraid they were going to have a soggy and kind of gross texture. Since then I’ve become a convert, though, and I think this recipe looks great. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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    I am right there with you! I feel that many of us taking AMAZING pictures, and are too often rejected. But hey, as long as I have the support of my readers, I know that I’m doing the best I can ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And these pictures are making my stomch growl so loud that it’s actually starting to embarrass me! Love this

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    I thought all bread puddings had a bourbon or rum sauce? Or maybe it’s just the best ones do ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your’s looks delicious and I think your photos are fantastic! I know almost all food bloggers submit to these sites, but I haven’t gotten into that yet.

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    Classic form letter response! I find it hard to believe that you had an unacceptable photo ๐Ÿ˜‰ Onto other topics….your bread pudding looks fab! Haven’t had a batch in ages.

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    This looks delicious; I love bread pudding. I really enjoy your blog and your pictures of this bread pudding are really great. I really struggle with the photography too, but its a great feeling when some pictures turn out the way I want them to. When I feel bad about my pictures, I go back and look at some of the older ones; at least I am getting better! It’s all fun though. Thanks for sharing your story.

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    I got all possible reasons for having a picture rejected but never a “no reason”. But let’s talk about something happier….the whiskey sauce of this bread pudding! OH MY. I should keep this handy for next time I need to be cheered up for a rejection :)

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    Was planning on making a bread pudding this week and this is a perfect recipe to try. Thanks for sharing. It’s hard to know what to say to “unknown reason.” Yup. I’m stumped. Come visit when you can.

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    I’m a big bread pudding lover but I think it’s the whiskey sauce that I’m most drawn to in your post. Sounds very versatile – could go on pancakes, shortcakes, drizzled over a cobbler, use it for dipping scones. Yes, I might just be making it in quarts.

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    Um, this has potential to be my favorite thing ever! I love whiskey anyway — definitely my drink of choice — but in bread pudding?! Wow. This is over the top.

    I hear what you’re saying about your blog. I don’t do mine to be famous, but I do want it to be a reflection of me and something I’m proud of. You’re doing a great job.

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    you are so funny! You may not be the pioneer woman but you are funny like her too. I know what you mean on the photo being submitting to the food site, think they should just have a don’t like button!

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    well, I guess a little water won’t hurt bourbon…. great looking sauce, have not made it this way before but it sure looks easy. – and about your site, like the layout and the ease of finding my way around, very nice pics too… keep on laughing and stay true to you


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