Creamy Slow Cooker Tomato Soup

Hunger Games…

This post may lose me a few readers. I just finished the third of the books and am still trying to figure out if I liked them or not. Obviously, I liked some aspect of them because I read all of them.

So, where I may have enjoyed reading the Hunger Games, do I think it could have better better? Hells yes. And here’s why. The concept is great, a post revolutionary country divided into sections with forced manual labor and the constant reminder of the supreme power government holds over us, brilliant idea. The idea of one girl breaking all of it by unknowingly finding a way out and becoming integral in another larger plot. Great. But I felt that where these books had a great start, if they had been written for an adult audience, and expanded more upon the weight and consequence of every action instead of the meals and outfits, it would have been an outstanding series. I feel like these books were just the tip of an iceberg for what they could have been.

I loved that they were written for a YA crowd, as it meant I didn’t have to flip past pages of overly forced love triangles, that the only romance is a few misinterpreted kisses and some cuddling here and there. I thought the level of violence was acceptable and didn’t need any further details, especially as the books went on, which is also something that would have been further drawn out for a mature audience. But I believe the whole thing that tied all the books together, the government conflict and how almost every character was just a pawn in the game, would have benefited from a writing style more targeted towards the adult reader. The main character may have weighed her actions a little more, understood the cause and effect – however – her behavior and thinking was perfect for the Hunger Games books as they were written.

I thought the final ending was unsatisfactory to the whole series and feel almost as if the entire three books, death of a majority of the cast, and change in regime may have had little to no effect on the possible future of the fictional society. I also feel that the undoing of Peeta’s character and his return to his old self at the very end of the third book is too quick. I pity the main character as things by the end of it never seem like she could be truly happy again and it seems that she is left with questions unanswered even as she takes things into her own action with the final draw of her bow.

I also felt that each of the books didn’t have a natural closing. It’s one thing to be an amazing writer so that your readers are drawn to you and want to buy your next book, but to force us into it with an obvious to be concluded isn’t a great writer, to me.

Where I enjoyed the overall concept and story outlined by the Hunger Games, I would love to see it in written again for an adult market so that the entire morality of it could be weighed in on. I think those would be amazing Hunger Games books. But am I looking forward to the movie? Um, yeah.

Now, I extend this soup to you as an offering for your forgiveness before you pelt me to death. It seems rather uncomplicated when you are throwing it all into the slow cooker, but the final product is rich with flavor and depth. It’s the kind of soup that you could easily make a meal of on its own without realizing you have dipped your spoon in one too  many times or makes the perfect accompaniment to a great sandwich on a cold winter night.



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  1. says

    The soup makes up for it. =) The books were not ready for their literary value but I sure did enjoy them – and I can’t wait for the movies!! LOVE this soup – easy way to have a pot of mmm-mmm good.

  2. says

    I have to admit I really enjoyed this series. I’m glad that you spoke up on this because you have a good point about targeting it more towards the adult reader. It would have been worth shouting from the rooftops.

    There were parts in both Carching Fire and Mockingbird that nearly lost my attention. The final book seemed in a hurry to end like closing time at a bar.

    Thank you for challenging me to use my brain when I read a book and for helping me realize how easy it is to make this soup!

  3. says

    Mmm…the soup sounds fantastic, with the sherry and cream. Would be perfect for today, so gloomy and cold, I could use the warmth. And the grilled cheese looks amazing! What a perfect combo!

  4. says

    Hurray, someone else who isn’t worshiping those books! Have you ever read the English translation of Battle Royale? That is a good book. The Hunger Games were all right, but badly written, in my opinion.

    Also, this recipe – bookmarked! 😉

    • Kita says

      Ive heard a lot about the Battle Royale books, but I guess I just think of anime when I hear that? I will have to give them a try some day.

  5. says

    I have been looking for a good tomato soup recipe for years. My Brazilian mother makes the best one and I have tried to make tomato soup before and it is never like hers. Sorry mom, I think I found one that is better than yours:) Do you think I can I use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth? Thank you SO much for sharing.

    • Kita says

      This could be made with vegetable broth – and honestly, I don’t believe it would change the overall taste too much at all. :)

    • Kita says

      The more I thought about the last book, the more I realized there were several major plot points left not addressed…. >.>


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