Cheesy Potato Frittata a Secret Recipe

Look around this blog. You notice anything? Keep looking… That’s right. No basic egg dishes.


The egg, one of the most versatile, simply and healthy things one could ever cook and you won’t see me use them (unless we’re baking something – then it doesn’t count). Want a dirty little secret? I hate eggs. Ever since one of my mom’s boyfriends told me that that little white thing you get in some eggs was a baby chicken I’d just murdered, I’ve never been able to eat them.

These protein packed pillars of the gastronomical universe should make my meatatarian self salivate over ever umami filled bite, but but one moment of traumatic childhood egg cracking and there it went. Now that I’m a big girl, all grown up and in my own kitchen, I am trying to embrace the egg. In small doses and with a lot of other things thrown in, it’s not bad.

In an attempt to get to know eggs, and seeing a recipe packed with tons of other flavors and textures, I picked this cheesy potato frittata from The Weekend Gourmet to challenge myself for this month’s Secret Recipe Club (a club where you are given a blog to sneak around and test out a recipe and I d love myself some sneakiness). I was super excited to get The Weekend Gourmet because of these (but figured that would kind of be like cheating for an SRC post) and because I have been reading Wendy’s blog for a year. She always has great giveaways and delicious down home food to salivate over. This was my first time getting a blog who I knew and it was super hard to keep quiet bout it!


And yes, I ate that slice. No, nothing bad happened.

Baby steps.


  1. Wendy is probably one of the nicest bloggers around, I always stop in to her sight to find a wonderful giveaway and/or a great recipe. Lucky you to have been assigned to her blog for SRC. This does look like an amazing recipe. I really do need to amp up my breakfast-especially on the weekends. This looks like the right recipe to start with. Great post.

  2. looks gorgeous!, my kids will love this :)

  3. I love eggs, and this cheesy potato frittata looks so delicious!

  4. I love eggs with potatoes…and all of that cheese!? Perfect.
    I have to admit that from time-to-time the egg concept itself does make my tummy flip, but as soon as the thing is fried/cooked, I’m completely over it :)

  5. I looooove how cheesy the cubed cheese made it! I always shred the cheese for things like this but I’m going to do cubes from now on. It looks ridiculously amazing!

  6. So glad to be in Group C with you Kita, this looks fantastic! Love your pictures as always!! Hopefully soon I’ll get your blog :) xoxo

  7. I have an aversion to that little white thing too. I’ve always convinced myself it was the embryo and I try to pick it out whenever I can. Maybe that would help with your egg phobia, if you just pick it out prior to cooking.

    This frittata looks so yummy. I’m a big fan of Wendy’s blog too.

  8. I am big on frittatas! I think they are so versatile. Yours looks like a real tummy pleaser. Looks so awesome and so satisfying!

  9. I already had breakfast this morning but now I’m hungry for a 2nd breakfast. Looks great! (Baby chicken-icide aside :) )

  10. I am the frittata queen. Leftovers the night before are easily transformed into a frittata! Ones with cheese are the best! I cheer your braveness to venture into the egg world, sometimes those childhood hang-ups are tough to eat through.

  11. I love your pictures and the recipe – wouldn’t mind tasting this :-)

  12. oo it looks soo good! I am with you on the eggs! I’ve just started eatting them, but only once in a while.

  13. Looks so delicious!

    If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check out my SRC recipe this month: Thin Mint Irish Coffee.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  14. This frittata looks good enough to help get anyone over an egg fear! Veggies and meat and eggs, oh my!

  15. frittata is one of my favorite things so many things to do to it and so easy. beautiful shots Kita! I hope you have a good week.

  16. I seriously wanted to lick the cheese from the screen! We eat too many eggs around here, so I am thinking its just to balance your house out ; ) Congrats on taking steps back toward them – pretty brave, and darn tasty looking!

  17. Love “The Weekend Gourmet” site. Love frittatas too. This looks like the perfect brunch dish.

  18. says:

    Lovely brunch dish.

  19. Oh, wow, Kita! This looks amazing!! I think I’d like to trade in my dinner immediately for your frittata. How fun that you got matched up with Wendy…so many yummy options on her blog :)

  20. Cheesy delicious perfection!!!

  21. I’m not a huge egg person either. I will eat plain eggs a couple of times a year but I mainly use eggs in cooking. I like frittatas because they don’t have a huge eggy taste, so I can empathize with you on this post. :-)

  22. Got to say I love eggs but can’t eat them ’cause of cholesterol..and recipe is a killer..Great recipe and I am glad you got to use one of her delicious recipes!!!
    Nicely done from top to bottom:))

  23. This is a great recipe to dip your toe. The cheesy goodness looks divine! Well done and way to get out of your comfort zone!

  24. Love Wendy’s blog, would have been so hard to pick. I do not like eggs either! No traumatic event, just can’t stand them! I can handle one scrambled egg with ham in it, but that is about it.

  25. I have to say – you absolutely, positively, without a doubt ROCK for going so far out of your comfort zone!

    I’m a huge fan of eggs and I’m SO sorry that happened to you, but good for you for stepping so far out of your comfort zone!

    Sorry I didn’t click the button before – because I type your blog name in everytime, but I’m now following you on Google Follower!

  26. Kita, don’t worry I feel kinda the same. My eggs always have to be on the firm side or I think I’m going to throw up :( Enough of that your post looks amazing and theres no fear of that with your frittata…great SRC post
    Take care…

  27. The cubed cheese makes me weak in the knees. Must make!

  28. I am not sure if I have the words to describe how amazing this looks. The sausage and egg together is like a match made in heaven and the cheesy potatoes added in the mix just makes things all the better! I love it

  29. That melty cheesey goodness looks amazing. I love a good fritatta and this looks fabulous. Keep up with the baby steps, it is so worth it!

  30. Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet) says:

    Hey, sweet girl! Thanks for the kind words about my blog…and for taking the plunge and trying the frittata. It’s the easy way to make an omelette…let the oven do most of the work. That leaves time to make a nice fruit salad or smoothie to go with. Sorry I didn’t get to come by to post earlier in the week, but I’ve been without home internet…and I’ve been working crazy-long hours at work. But? You did a great job with the recipe!


  31. I’m glad the SRC and Weekend Gourmet provided you with the incentive to make this tasty frittata! I hope this the beginning of a new love affair – although that’s probably pushing it ;)

  32. Hi, Kita, Back to share my answer about flank steaks:

    You’re not the only one having trouble finding flank steaks…especially at a decent price. They used to be quite reasonable until they gained popularity…but they shouldn’t be as costly as a rib eye..yikes.

    Here are some other names to look for:

    Bavette (French)
    Flank Steak Fillet
    Jiffy Steak
    London Broil

    If you can find a market that consistently carries these, just watch for a sale. Hope you can find a deal one of these days~

  33. I myself am not a huge egg fan either. I think I just have problems with the texture. I can eat them hard boiled or with other ingredients like this frittata….but a plateful of runny scrambled eggs (that kind of reminds of me vomit..), no thanks. Despite my general distaste for them this frittata looks delish. I will definitely have to give this recipe a try. :)

  34. That looks delicious! A great way to break into using 6 eggs at one time!

  35. Wow this has me drooling! That cheese oozing off… oh my word!!! I love breakfast food so much, I KNOW I’d love this. I’m pinning this!! :)

  36. got to love a good frittata, all my fav ingredients!

  37. I didn’t have sausage nor did I have colby jack cheese, so I substituted with bacon, pepper jack and cheddar cheese. Was SOOOOO delicious! Thank you for this recipe:). YUMMY!

  38. HI-

    I am very interested in making this, but I don’t have a cast iron skillet. Would it work to put it in a casserole dish?

    • Yep! A casserole dish works just fine for this recipe. I have a frittata recipe here that uses a casserole dish. If it looks a little shallow, mix in a few more eggs. Thanks

  39. Henrietta R says:

    If you are eating store bought unfertilized eggs you are no more murdering baby chicks than you are murdering baby people when you get your period. Chickens who live in factory farms aren’t blessed by having roosters around. That little white speck you are seeing is the female genetic material or ovum which after fertilization and around three weeks of being brooded by a hen might hatch. If you are buying from a farm or health food shop your eggs may be fertilized, but, as they are collected daily, washed and then refrigerated the ‘pregnancy’ issue never gets beyond fertilization. Even if you put them into an incubator or under a hen they would not hatch. Enjoy your eggs with a clear conscience. Remember that if nobody ate eggs there wouldn’t be much use in keeping hens, which would be a pity because they are delightful creatures.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe which we will enjoy when our avocado fruits again next November.
    Long time keeper of a small flock of free range chickens all of whom have names.

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