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Cinco de Mayo is almost here and I am really really sad. I’m pretty sure I could eat Mexican for an entire month long celebration of Cinco de Mayo if we wanted to make this party last… But I’m also sure I would be painfully single and looking for a place to rent on the cheap too as Handsome patiently puts up with a few Mexican recipes by eating a bag of Chex mix for dinner but wouldn’t have it for a month straight.

But we’re finishing out the Cinco de Mayo celebration on PtS and GirlCarnivore with a bang!

First, this cake is amazing. Bees Knees. Boom shizzle and so forth. It’s simple, but the few ingredients really hold their flavors. That 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon is just enough. The cake is perfect. It’s ruin your weight watchers plan binge eat half the cake with a fork for breakfast and hide the rest for later good. I mean, I would never do that… But it could be that good… If you had a fork and no one was looking. ūüėČ

Second, the handy dandy BEAST of a machine I used to make this was awesome. The guys and gals over at BigKitchen sent me an awesome Cuisinart Hand Mixer to test out and like a big tool I sat on it for a while. I had a hand mixer once, and it ruined hand mixing relations for me for a long time. It had two speeds, off, and oh god the kitchens on fire. There was nothing that could be effectively mixed with it. So, even though I hated washing the bowl and mixer every time I needed to whip something up, I ended up relying on Betsy, the KitchenAid stand mixer, for every little thing.

That was until yesterday morning, when I needed to whip this topping up in no time, snap pics and get to work.

This amazing dodad comes with a whisk attachment! And it has 9 speeds, and an engine like a tank, so it gracefully powered up to speed and whipped the frosting into soft peaks in no time. I was genuinely shocked it did such an amazing job. Even though I do love Betsy, its going to be great making pancakes, brownies, and quick breads without having to haul out so many big supplies.

Wanna know the best part? The ever patient, ever awesome people at BigKitchen are sending one to a lucky reader as well! Hop to the bottom of this post for details!
Tres Leches Cake via

Tres Leches Cake via PasstheSushi.comTres Leches Cake via

BigKitchen Cuisinart Mixer #Giveaway

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