Thin-Crust Skillet Pizza for Two

Cooking for two is tough. Stupid tough. Everything is packaged either too big or too small. I feel like Goldilocks. Don’t get me wrong, we eat like champs around here and I’m not looking to make everything with tiny portions, but some nights we just need something for the two of us that doesn’t leave us dreading leftovers for the next few nights.

Lately I have been trying to tie in a few more cooking for two recipes on the blog. Where I do love making big meals, these quick and easy date night dinners (and desserts) have been awesome. These little pizzas are a perfect addition to my ‘for two’ goal. These are super simple, fresh and the about as close and Handsome and I will ever get to a vegetarian meal.

Weeknight perfection!


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  1. says

    Mmm yes I must make these. Even though I am cooking for one more days, cooking for two recipes are great because I love having leftovers for lunch the next day. But when I make something like soup with 8-10 servings I am hating it by the time I finish the last serving of leftovers. Therefore, I’ve been trying to half any recipe that I possibly can while making them. Too many leftovers in the fridge haha.

    • Mike Wascher says

      I know lots of folks in this situation that cook a large piece of meat or a big pot of whatever on the weekend and “eat on it all week”. The best of meals would become boring. And I hate that phrase, I always think of a dog endlessly gnawing a favorite old bone! Many of these people are smart & well-educated, but seem to go brain-dead in the kitchen.

      * Adapt recipes. People, you learned about fractions in grade school!
      * Buy family packs for the savings & repackage. Knife skills aren’t that hard!
      * Re-purpose — leftover roast duck & duck broth will become duck & mushroom risotto tonight..

  2. says

    Looking forward to more of “cooking for two” recipes. Many days of those for me. It took me awhile to realize we eat a heck of a lot more than most folks because of the difficulty of cooking that small an amount :)
    I love skillet pizzas! (I also reheat leftover pizzas in a skillet. Makes it nice and crisp). And this seems like an easy, quick recipe. Looks great too! Definitely trying this one real soon! Thanks!

    • Kita says

      Sadly, I don’t believe so. The beer is acting as a substitute to traditional yeast. Though, Im sure if you made a small portion of regular pizza dough and rolled it thin, it would work in the same way for this one.

  3. says

    Just saw your pizza at tastespotting and had to check it out! It looks delicious! I make skillet pizzas frequently. They’re really easy and taste better than the frozen pizzas. Anyway, I’m copying this recipe down for sure!


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