The Ultimate Steak House Burger & Tips for Great Burgers

Let’s talk meat. The perfect fat kid meal for any time of year. Burgers. Is it thin patties on a griddle top that make the best burger or thick juicy burgers with nice char marks right off the grill? Do you slather yours with ketchup or do you have a secret sauce (or is sauce all together blasphemy)? No matter how you like it, one thing we can all agree on is that a great burger hits that carnivorousness g-spot every single time.

If you are reading this for grill tips, I am sorry, I am no master – but I do make a damned good burger, so read ahead or google some serious pros instead of continuing on here.

Now, some tips for your next burger shindig:

  • Never EVER use frozen patties. Sure, bulk frozen patties have their place. Just not here.
  • Grind your own meat. I often use a combination of chuck and sirloin. I make sure the chuck has a nice portion of fat, nothing too lean. Fat is the secret ingredient to the magical concoction that is flavor. I’m (in that not at all sort of way) for being healthy, but a burger that is made of ground anything that is too lean is just not as juicy or flavorful as one that has a great speckling of fat mixed in.
  • If you are making big fat juicy burgers, don’t over pack your meat. Don’t use hard firm hands to mold your patties into dense hockey pucks, unless that is what you are going for. Use light fingers and a cupped palm for packing into a light and airy burger.
  • Pre-heat your grill, grill, skillet, broiler – whatever. Just pre-heat it. Do not plop cold burgers onto a cold cook surface and expect to get a beautiful work of art.
  • Some people may request well done. Ignore them.
  • Cheese is a must. It’s not really, but if you are coming to one of my barbecues, it is. I love a sharp cheddar and smooth mozzarella, but for a classic burger, I go all American. Why? Because it’s awesome. It has a taste like no other, it melts to perfection and something about it just works for me.  You can fancy up your burger with something else, but 99% of the time, I’m going for the single wrap pre-sliced crap.
  • Arrange for a toppings bar. I believe a good burger can be chewed on naked with nothing accompanying it, but a good rolls, fresh lettuce, onions, and slices of tomatoes can really take it up a notch.

Now, for a classic burger from a trusted source, check out this mouthwatering recipe:



  1. I just recently discovered the wonderfulness of American cheese on burgers. It does just work, doesn’t it? Your burger looks fabulous! I see you’ve added some “special sauce”. Perfect!

  2. I think one of my favorite things about summer is grilled burgers. I just tried stuffing the cheese (a sharp cheddar with chives in it called Cotswold) inside the burger for something different. I think I like it better melted on top!

  3. Thanks for these tips :) This will improve our burger tradition :)

  4. A toppings bar is a brilliant idea! And agree – frozen burgers are the WORST. I wish I could just come over and have your burger!

  5. I haven’t eaten yet today and this is killing me. I love your tips and agree with every one (except maybe the American cheese thing). :)

  6. Eeek… I’m a well done girl. {Don’t hate me!!} I actually went to a really nice steakhouse recently though and asked for well done. It came out to me ashy. :( That was uhmmm interesting. I couldn’t really complain because I asked for well-done. But really?! I expected more.

  7. Ok, start your grill. I’m coming over …. what time?
    I’m with you about grinding your own meat. That means I can be sure of having it NOT well-done and be safe. Yum! And yes, a defiinite YES with the cheese too!

  8. Great tips! I have a hard time turning down a good burger! I just recently have been getting into bison for burgers. It is SO good.

  9. You`re a grill master. I want one nowww!

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