Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bars


Whether you are ready for it or not, baking season is here. Thank God those over sized sweaters are popular this year because you are going to need them this holiday season with all the things I have in store for you. Trust me, I am already feeling the calories set it.

Diggin’ It Tuesday is a little hint hint wink wink at some of the supplies you are going to want to have in your well stocked pantry for the upcoming recipes on PtS as well as any killer recipes you have planned at home. These few secret ingredients and tools go a long way in your baking to spruce things up and add a huge kick of flavor.

Espresso Powder

Silpat – seriously, how did I bake before these?

Thickening powder – magic powder for pies

Vanilla extract, by the boatload.

Malted Milk Powder, probably my favorite secret ingredient.


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  1. says

    Not a fan of espresso powder, but seriously cannot believe you only now have a silpat! Funny thing is I’ve been using my parchment paper more often because I can reuse it without needing to wash anything haha = laziness. And definitely loving malted milk powder. Took me a while to find it int he right location in the grocery but so glad I did.

  2. says

    Got me worried there for awhile …
    Saw the word, “pumpkin”, gotta take a peek. Saw the bars … gotta make and eat. Saw the secret ingredients … oh no! What is clear gel powder? gelatin powder? Can I get malted milk powder here?
    And then, “phew”, they aren’t used in these gorgeously delicious bars!

  3. Paula says


    I am currently waiting for these bars to come out of the oven and I hope they turn out well. In the recipe list you dont have oil but in the directions, you mention adding oil. I put in 1/2 a cup so hopefully all will be well. Can you let us know the actual amount?


      • Puala says

        They were pretty good although I think I will pump them up a bit with some more spice. I am thinking a little pumpkin pie spice or maybe even a little nutmeg and maybe a bit more cloves. The 1/2 cup of oil was more than enough and they were very moist.


  4. says

    I’ve died and gone to heaven! Loving these bars. They’re simply gorgeous. I can practically taste the creamy cheese with the spiced pumpkin cake. And I only recently learned about KAF Instant ClearJel Powder and I don’t know how I ever got by without it before.

  5. says

    OOhh!! I’m loving that WS Espresso Powder!!! I think that is a must have. Just beautiful photos, as always, and the recipe looks like something I would make and not really want to share with anyone…. I’m a sucker for cream cheese layers.

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