Pan Seared Burgers – The “From Away” Burger

I am a meatarian any which way you slice it. I’ll enthusiastically take a slab of beef over the worlds most tantalizing desserts every single time. I’m not sure how my parents programmed me to salivate over beef and not over candy but that’s just the way I’m wired – (For all I know I was rewarded for ringing a bell when I was first learning to crawl with jerky) and I get the impression I may not be alone.

So, upon seeing the image of meat being ground to perfection and a tag line stating ‘grinding your own meat is best’ on Foodgawker it wasn’t a stretch to think that I clicked on it instead of the 57 other wonderful photographs featured that day. Iron skillet pan seared patties of perfection? Sold. This was a recipe I had to try. Immediately. (Twist my arm to use my meat grinder – go on, try me).


While cooking these burgers, I pondered how blasphemous it was to sear a burger in a pan on a hot summer day with a fresh bag of charcoal less than 20 feet from my kitchen. I had never conceived of the idea of preparing a burger in a pan. Even in the dead of winter, a small path from the back door to the grill is cleared of snow and I am more than happy to freeze my booty off for the wonderful taste of a juicy burger. But, I hid my panic at the thought of all of that fresh beautiful ground meat I had just worked so hard on going to waste and pushed through.

And holy crap am I glad I did. (Can I say holy crap on my blog? screw it, it’s my blog).

Much to my surprise though, these were everything I wanted them to be and more from the pictures and description on the From Away blog. Crisp and succulent, packed with flavor, and gooey with cheese. The kind of burger that has you eating seconds with no time to consider the guilt of over indulging.

This burger takes no prisoners. You’ve been warned.

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    Holy crap, that’s one AWESOME burger! Even the evenly spaced bite marks are pretty… Oh, the things I notice. This post is one compelling argument for buying the meat grinder attachment for my stand mixer.

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    Wow, we’re super honored and tickled that you saw fit to recreate our signature burger at home. Your version looks like it came out absolutely perfectly! Nice work, and thank you for reading!

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    I’ll have you know that decades ago I took out the copyright on the word meatetarian … :)

    KitchenAid makes a wonderful grinder attachment for their stand-mixers — far easier than the old-fashioned hand-grinder I inherited from my mother. Chef Michael Symon’s burger mix is simiar to the one you quoted. He prefers grinding equal parts sirloin, brisket and short rib for juicy burgers.

    And pan searing? I’m with you all the way. In Alaska it’s winter 7 months each year, so I’ve perfected “grilling” indoors. With a heavy skillet (ie: All-Clad or comparable) and a gas stove it’s possible to put a terrific char on burgers, chops, and steaks.

    Thanks for reminding the food bloggers of the world that there’s more to life than just cupcakes.

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    Hurray for homemade burgers made from fresh-ground beef! I just made some last weekend using a gorgeous brisket from our neighbourhood butcher, and it’s just amazing what a difference fresh-ground beef makes. It’s hard to go to McD’s after that. :)

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    GGgggrrrooowwwlll!!!! And that’s my tummy going … 😀 Pure beef burger. That’s the way it should be with no fillers and other crap … sorry, your blog, my bad.

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    Couldn’t agree with you more, and that burger looks terrific. My fiancée and I have ground our own chicken, turkey, pork and beef for burgers, and they are always the prime examples of what a burger should be like. Next we hope to get some lamb.



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