Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup and a PSA

A PSA from Pass the Sushi…

I’m not a parent, I don’t play one on TV or ever plan on being on in reality to anything more than my 4 legged furry babies. But I do work with a lot of kids on a regular basis and spend a lot of time trying to gear them towards content that has been rated by people higher up on the parenting chain for their protection.
The problem is, most parent’s don’t seem to care. I am not sure if it is because they think of the comics they had as a child, the stories where the heroes beat the bad guys and violence was not much more than Hulk smashing or Superman sending an alien attacker back to where he came from. I hate to sound trite, but things were simpler.

But as our world has become smaller we have been exposed to the harsh realities that even our heroes falter, violence is extreme and there are things that happen that no one should have to experience. Sadly, with the world being smaller and these truths being in our face every day, the plight of our iconic heroes has grown up too.

Walking Dead has to be my easiest example. I love Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman wrote (and is writing) a great story that ultimately questions the choices and consequences of those choices on a base level.  And those choices and consequences are not good. Now that the comic has been transformed to a gore driven television show meant to bring shock and awe to the viewers, hundreds of people have come in looking for the comic. Some of them being children.

The store covers murder, rape, cannibalism, dismemberment, sex and the hard choices people are some times forced to make. Once again, I am not a parent. This post is not my attempt to stand on a pulpit and tell you how to raise your children. Some of you may feel your children are mature enough to handle these topics, and even if they are, should they?

Please keep in mind that comics, shows and other forms of entertainment are rated because people asked for it. People wanted an easy way to distinguish whether the content was acceptable for the audience. Now that it’s there, please don’t ignore it.

Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup

Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 med onion, dived
  • 1 celery stalk, diced
  • 1 carrot, diced
  • 1 14oz can diced tomatoes
  • 5 beef bouillon cubes
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teas Montreal Steak Seasoning
  • ½ teas garlic salt
  • ¼ teas freshly ground black pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ cup frozen corn
  • Shredded cheddar cheese for topping


In a skillet over medium heat, brown the ground beef and drain.

Combine the ground beef with the next 10 ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low for 5 to 6 hours.

Spoon out in bowls and top with cheddar cheese.

Handsome suggested adding orzo or another tiny pasta to this dish the next time I make it.

Adapted From

Adapted from a recipe my friend sent me from Allrecipes


As a general rule, I try not to express to many of my opinions on Pass the Sushi, even though it’s my blog and I could write whatever I truly please. However, this is something I feel strongly on. Once again, I am not a parent and this post is in no way an attempt to tell anyone how to raise their children. It is just a reminder that ratings exist for a reason. If you want more rants, trust me, I could give em to ya.

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  1. says

    Kita your post left me wanting to know more. It sounds like you have unsupervised kids in your shop accessing age inappropriate content? It made me think of a few things. First I am a parent and I realized when becoming one parents are all different. In many cases there should be a license to become a parent! Your comments don’t surprise me as I too have seen a number of circumstances I’ve been shocked by (the latest an older woman bringing a 3 year old to the newest Twighlight movie in the theatre).

    I wonder though with your thoughtful passion about this is you could not so something at the store to restrict content from kids who really are too young to be exposed to the elements you describe? I think businesses do bear some responsibility when they know they have content inappropriate to minors to shield them. Hence brown wrappers on some magazines that are kept behind a cash register rather than in the open. Would be curious to know more of your thoughts on this.

    Glad to hear your passion and responsible views ont his. And your soup looks great!

  2. says

    Hamburger soup? Don’t believe I’ve had that. I’ve heard of it and have this image of a hamburger (buns and all) sitting in some liquid … not a nice image. This sounds (and looks) a lot like chili to me…. is it? I love the shredded cheddar on top (I love anything with cheese .. well, almost anything).

    • Kita says

      It really was a surprise – it tasted like a hamburger – without the bun. 😉 My chili is usually much thicker and packed with more meat and beans, the kind that you can stick a spoon in and it stays standing.

  3. says

    Bravo! Double bravo, in fact! I won’t let Dudette watch shows like Big Time Rush or iCarly simply because of the way they talk to and treat each other in those shows. She only watches Scooby Doo if I’m with her so I can gauge when the monsters are getting a little too intense for her little brain to wrap around. I can’t even begin to imagine having Walking Dead (which I happen to love) on the television while she’s awake. It’s not worth the chance of her walking into the room. And parents wonder why kids have sleeping issues. Sheesh

    I think I need a bowl of that soup to help me calm down now. :)

  4. says

    i never liked comics..for some reason even my kids prefer nice magic tree house books or similar to that..which I am totally fine:)) You are right, and I am 100% with you on your topic!
    your soup look AMAZING..very comforting, and i am sure my kids would like it very much!

  5. Alison says

    Yowza! What’s the sodium content in this soup, do you know? I’m sure it’s delicious, but the steak seasoning, garlic salt, Worcestershire and bouillon are all sodium killers. Any suggestions for how to make this still taste as good without the tons of salt?

    • Kita says

      I agree, there’s tons of salt in this one. You could nix the garlic salt and add garlic, and use low sodium broth instead of the bouillon and water.

  6. says

    It’s nice to know that even as a non-parent you care about what kids are seeing. It just gets uglier and uglier on t.v. what used to be restricted to evening is daytime now. Don’t get me started on the ED ads! This soup does sound good and those changes you suggested would lower the sodium, good thinking.

  7. says

    Love. Walking Dead!!! I am also in shock and agree with you on the age appropriateness. I work in a middle school and some of the kids watch the show! I was kind of shocked at that. My 16 year watches it, but as a parent, i watch it with him and we discuss it quite a bit. He is also a budding writer and makes fascinating comments and has amazing insight into the show. The kids at school (grades 6 – 8) do not… Soup looks amazing…may have to make for the next episode…unfortunately we have to wait for that!

  8. says

    Sigh. Been there. I think I’ve already told you about the Preacher books on the bottom shelf of the comic book section at the local book story…not bagged, right where kids can grab them and none of the staff have ANY idea what they’re selling.

    But its ultimately the parent’s job to check that stuff so don’t let it bother you too much. Or it will drive you crazy :(

    Great soup though! Very heroic! Buzzed

  9. says

    I’m not one to waste a good opinion so I’m all for it. :) I have to agree that ratings exist for a reason and as a responsible parent it is my job to see what my daughter is reading or watching to the best of my ability. She already knows that the older she gets the more she will choose and once she is an “adult” she will make her own choices.

    For now, she’s eight. I have to make the call. I tell her why. That’s that.

    The more negativity she hears on the news and the radio the more she questions me about how bad this world really is. I want her to see both sides and not think that everyday life must consist of violence and sexual encounters. She is really interested in comic books and I would love to let her indulge in some Taylor-friendly ones! She does have a complete meltdown when animals are harmed so I’ll have to watch those ratings.

    Thank you for all that you do. Please know that your hamburger soup sounds so comforting and warm on a cold day like today. Your photos make soup0 look beautiful!

  10. says

    I wondered what your PSA was going to be about. I care what my kids watch and read and yeah, those topics are not appropriate at this age. Maybe not for a long, loooooooonnnnng time!
    Love the soup, though.

  11. says

    You are spot on, Kita. I don’t have children, but if I did, I would never allow them to read anything that touches on those mature topics. Not that I am trying to make an excuse for them, but do you think many people realize that these types of topics appear in comics these days? I know that they do, but I think a lot of people think of superheros when they think about comics and may not realize that topics such as rape, sex, or violence may be in these comics. Still though, I agree they should be aware of what their children are reading.

  12. JOHNNY says


  13. Linda says

    Your hamburg soup is delish. I also added diced potatoes and shredded cabbage. Left out steak seasoning, cheese and corn.
    My youngest child is 34 so I don’t have anything to say about what he watches. But I do have 4 great grand kids and am thankful that their parents have your view point on TV watching. It seems nothing is sacerid any more not even our childrens mental health.

  14. Valerie says

    I make Hamburger Soup all the time , but instead of all the salt . I use beef broth and I add
    As far as your question today, I totally agree with you . My baby is 31 so what he watches is ?


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